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UFC light heavyweight Kyle Kingsbury in motorcycle accident, still expects to fight on Sept. 29

Photo of Kyle Kingsbury via <a href="">Javier Mendez' Twitter</a>
Photo of Kyle Kingsbury via Javier Mendez' Twitter


You'd think UFC fighters would learn to stop riding motorcycles after Frank Mir lost several years of his career and Jose Aldo was recently hit by a car while riding his chopper, but maybe today's picture will finally get these guys to wise up.

UFC light heavyweight Kyle Kingsbury was involved in an accident this past week and while he received some gnarly road rash, his trainer Javier Mendez (who tweeted the picture) says that "Kingsbu" is still expecting to fight at the end of the month.

Kingsbury will be taking on undefeated British 205-er Jimi Manuwa in the final bout of the UFC on FUEL TV 5 preliminary card at the Capital FM Arena in Nottingham, England on September 29th.

He'll likely still be wearing the visible effects of the scarring when he enters the cage on fight night.

Do you believe MMA fighters will learn their lesson from "Kingsbu?" Or does getting punched in the face create athletes who are more willing to put their bodies on the line?

What do you think?

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