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'Pissed off' Anthony Pettis will gladly take Donald Cerrone fight and 'whoop his ass’

Photo of Anthony Pettis by Esther Lin for
Photo of Anthony Pettis by Esther Lin for

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Lightweight contender Donald Cerrone is not one to hold back his feelings. Recently, "Cowboy" called out fellow 155-pound fighter Anthony Pettis, claiming that the "Showtime" was hiding behind a shoulder injury as an excuse to avoid fighting him, not once ... but twice.

Not the case according to "Showtime."

Though the two previously competed in the now defunct World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) organization early on in their careers, the two scrappy contenders never crossed paths. Now, with both enjoying significant success with the UFC and both inching closer to a title shot in the extremity competitive lightweight division, a matchup between the two looks to be on the horizon.

Appearing on Monday's (Aug. 6, 2012) edition of "The MMA Hour," Pettis took the time to address the recent callout of Cerrone, saying he has no qualms in accepting fight with the former kickboxer and says the way Cerrone chose to call him out, only "pissed him off."

Check it out:

"It's comedy. This is the first news to me that I have heard of Cerrone calling me out or that he has been calling me out or he wanted to fight me. I talked to my manager about it and I think it's just him trying to get his name out there and trying to get to my spot, trying to get to that title shot, to try and get closer to a title shot. But, for him to do it the way it did, just pissed me of, so. If he gets passed with his fight with Melvin, and it makes sense for me to fight him and then fight for a title shot, then I will do it. If he is in my way, I will take him out. (I'm)100 -percent (pissed off). I am super pissed. I am not the guy to talk or the type of guy to be out there and talk shit about anyone, but for him to call me out and put it the way he put it, pretty much saying that I am afraid to fight somebody, that is never the case. I am never afraid to fight anybody. I want to be the best lightweight in the world and if he is in my way, then I will take him out too. He wanted to fight in August, I wasn't going to be ready until October or November and I openly said it on Twitter and I openly said it everywhere, so it's not a matter of me ducking him, if he wants to fight in November, let's do it, I will gladly take that fight and I will be so motivated to whoop his ass."

"Showtime" went on to acknowledge that there never was or has been an existing beef between the two:

"That's the funny thing, I see him at events, he always smiles and nods his head at me like you know, "whatsup." We never talked and I wouldn't say that were friends or anything like that, but he never once had anything to say openly to me, to my face, but you put him behind a telephone and put him behind a keyboard and then a tough guys comes out."

Of course, before a potential matchup between the two becomes a reality, "Cowboy" has to get passed the always game Melvin Guillard at UFC 150 this weekend (Aug., 11, 2012) at the Pepsi center in Denver, Colorado.

Pettis, meanwhile, is currently rehabbing from recent shoulder injury and says he will likely return in November. "Showtime" was last seen cleaning the clock of Joe Lauzon at UFC 144 this past February when the promotion invaded Saitama, Japan.

Should Cerrone be successful against his former teammate, Guillard, in Denver, Pettis says he will gladly accept a bout with the Jackson-Winklejohn trained fighter, which could potentially take place at UFC 154 in November.

A fight that has fireworks written all over it.

How about it Maniac's, would you like to see a bout between the former WEC's stars? Who do you think has the better overall mixed martial arts (MMA) repertoire to come out on top?

Opinions, please.

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