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Lorenzo Fertitta: Frank Mir going to Strikeforce 'is a one-time situation'

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If you thought that Frank Mir coming to Strikeforce would open the door for future UFC talent, think again.

Lorenzo Fertitta firmly shut the door on any and all possibilities earlier today, telling ESPN:

"You're not going to see more of it. This is a one-time situation."

When it was announced that Mir would head to Showtime to fight Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix winner Daniel Cormier, many felt like Pandora's Box was potentially being opened. If the man who just fought for the UFC heavyweight title can compete in Strikeforce, then anyone could.

Instead, Fertitta explains the circumstances that led to the surprise decision:

"It was a situation where Cormier had to fight one more time for Showtime," Fertitta said. "All the Strikeforce heavyweights had come to the UFC and that didn't leave us with a stable of guys. We wanted to put on a very relevant fight that is credible."

The stakes are obviously high with this fight as the undefeated Cormier could come in and earn a heavyweight title shot with a victory over a former two-time UFC champion. For Mir, stopping the American Kickboxing Academy product's momentum would put him on the fast track to the top of the division again.

Believe it or not, the Zuffa executives had to talk it over with their broadcast partner Fox before they received the go-ahead with the decision.

"We had to talk to Fox about it and because Cormier is coming to the UFC after this last fight, we could go ahead and give him that fight. Cormier is the real deal and he's going to be fighting a guy with incredible pedigree. If Frank Mir wins, he's all of a sudden back in the mix. From his perspective it was a good thing, otherwise he had to get in the back of the line."

So what do you make of this revelation?

Are you disappointed that we won't be seeing any interesting lightweight, welterweight or middleweight match-ups between UFC and Strikeforce fighters any time soon? Do you think this will just accelerate Strikeforce's slow demise?

Sound off!

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