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Video: Brittney Palmer 2013 calendar photo shoot (Day 2)

In case you got tired of her splashing around in the tub (not likely), she's now splashing around in the ocean.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer is back (via and better than ever, with a sneak peek of her 2013 calendar photo shoot that includes her frolicking on the beach and stretching out inside a classic car.

So what the hell are you doing still reading this? Go watch!

Now that you're back, we can talk about what a great contributor Ms. Palmer has been over the last few years, starting with the fireworks she caused on Independence day with this photo shoot.


She's also the picture of fitness thanks to her curvy figure, which may explain why this pair of lips is planted firmly on her posterior. Where can I sign up for that job? And let's not forget about her recent Playboy photo shoot.

Alright Maniacs, who's ringing in the New Year with Ms. Palmer on their wall?

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