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UFC 150 conference call LIVE updates today (Aug. 3) for 'Henderson vs Edgar 2'

Frankie Edgar will be looking to get his lightweight title back from Benson Henderson next Saturday night.  (Photo by Michael Cohen/Getty Images)
Frankie Edgar will be looking to get his lightweight title back from Benson Henderson next Saturday night. (Photo by Michael Cohen/Getty Images)
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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will hold a media conference call today (August 3, 2012) to in advance of UFC 150: "Henderson vs. Edgar 2," which will take place next weekend (Aug. 11, 2012).

The conference call will begin at 2 p.m. ET. Scheduled to attend will be the headlining fighters of the evening, Ben Henderson, Frankie Edgar, Donald Cerrone and Melvin Guillard.

Henderson is the current UFC Lightweight champion. After losing his WEC lightweight title at the end of 2010, he tore through the UFC lightweight division, knocking off contender after contender before earning a unanimous decision victory over Frankie Edgar at UFC 144 in Saitama, Japan earlier this year.

Edgar is the former UFC Lightweight champion, having twice defeated B.J. Penn in 2010 to win and defend the belt. He showcased his pure heart in coming back twice in consecutive fights against Gray Maynard last year earning a draw and closing out the trilogy with a fourth round knockout. He dropped the title to Henderson but after a short campaign, earned a rematch against his third straight opponent.

Donald Cerrone has been on fire since coming to the UFC from the WEC. After winning his first four UFC fights, he was derailed by Nate Diaz last December. Despite suffering from a severe intestinal problem, he stepped up and dominated Jeremy Stephens in his last fight to put himself back in the lightweight mix.

Melvin Guillard was on the verge of title contention in 2011 after a string of big time performances and impressive stoppages. He also was derailed from a shot at the belt, but he fell harder than Cerrone, getting stopped in consecutive fights by both Joe Lauzon and Jim Miller. He got back on track with a workmanlike performance against Fabricio Camoes and now he's going to be facing a former teammate in "Cowboy."

We'll have live updates and video of the UFC 150 conference call after the jump:

Brian Hemminger here. The press conference is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. ET.

Donald Cerrone: Denver has the altitude man and Melvin and I trained a lot together with Greg [Jackson] and I kind of went away from Greg for this fight. I didn't want Melvin to think that Greg was giving me all his secrets and whatnot. There's nothing personal. It's where I started.

Melvin Guillard: I've adopted the Dutch style of kickboxing since I came here. I've got another team, another group of great guys. The transition hasn't been as difficult a it was back when I was with Lauzon. I'm a very loyal person and it's hard for me to leave people when I have that emotional attachment. I still have it when Greg but sometimes you have to move on to get better at certain things. I'm heading out to Denver to get acclimated to the altitude. I'm expecting the first 4-5 days to really suck.

Melvin Guillard: It's not about winning streaks anymore. It's about picking the right fight that make sense. This fight makes sense for the both of us.

Frankie Edgar: Whether it's a title fight or a non-title fight, I want to go perform and I want to win. I have more motivation to get my title back.

Frankie Edgar: There's no advantage because I was with him because he was in there with me too. It should be a matter of who makes the best adjustments and who can be the better fighter on the 11th.

Benson Henderson: I'm expecting more of the same. Frankie is a tough fighter and he's always better in rematches. They always have a great gameplan for rematches. For me, I expect more of the same, just a lot hungrier, tougher, smarter and a more well-gameplanned Frankie.

Benson Henderson: I don't really do much different. There's no hidden secrets on how to be a good fighter. It's the same as everybody else. You try to pay attention to the fundamentals, learn new tricks and do the little things to make yourself that much better.

Benson Henderson: What makes my coaches great is they are always trying to get better. They don't have all the answers .They're great at each specific style. It makes our team better.

Frankie Edgar: Every fighter is different in their own way. Ben is really well rounded. He's a big guy, he's explosive and his cardio is top notch. He's hungry.

Frankie Edgar: A rematch, you get to see what your opponent is all about the whole time and it's all about who makes the better adjustments and at this level, who shows up that night and who performs better.

Benson Henderson: Some guys in a basketball game can afford to have a game because they have 82 a season. For fighters, if you have a bad performance for a world title, there aren't a lot of redos.

Benson Henderson: I know what he does. He knows what I do. I think it's more the matter of who got better at the fundamentals and it's not about the little tricks. I'm big on fundamentals and I'll always be trying to improve my basics.

Donald Cerrone: Greg Jackson will be in my corner, he just won't work with me these past four weeks. He's got a lot going on with other guys anyways but he'll be in my corner.

Melvin Guillard: Cowboy is a stand-up guy. I have respect for the guy. I would expect him to train with coach Greg and coach Wink. We haven't trained together since last October, almost close to a year. He's a great and fast learner. I don't think we'll be the same guys we were when we were sparring partners. That't something close in my mind like when Jon Jones fought Rashad. I don't want to be like Rashad was where he thought Jon didn't get better. I don't want to turn this fight into an old schoolyard brawl. I can respect what he did as a person and as a fighter. He'll have my respect until I die.

Donald Cerrone: Nothing crazy happened to me before this fight. Everything's good.

Benson Henderson: The UFC is doing a great job of promoting the fight. They've got the full muscle flexing for me this fight. Me and Frankie always put on good shows, great performances and you'd better expect we'll do the exact same thing again.

Frankie Edgar: Training sessions are going great here. The last sparring session felt normal. I felt like I was back home. I'm ready to go.

Frankie Edgar: My nose is good. I was a little banged up after that. I think my nose breaks after every fight so I'm pretty accustomed to it. I'm good to go.

Benson Henderson: Dana can say what he wants to say. I want to win my next fight no matter what, whether he says I'll be out of the UFC or have to go to 170 or anything. I want to win my next fight period, very badly. People sometimes don't understand the desire for a fighter to win our next fight. I don't care what the add-ons are, I want to win my next fight period.

Melvin Guillard: I never turn down anybody. When Joe Silva and Dana call me and ask me personally to do something, I'm there. That comes with the territory. Some people are born fighters and some people learn how to fight. I remember being a 14 year old kid, everyone thought I was crazy being in MMA. I have well over 80-some fights under my belt. I've had tough fights my whole life. The only thing I'm hesitant about was how he would react to me taking the fight.

Melvin Guillard: I never rocked him in practice. In training, you never try to hurt your teammates. You don't get paid to train, you get paid to fight. I'm in South Florida now getting the crap kicked out of me. I never want to be the baddest guy in the gym. He got me quite a few times in the gym with leg kicks. Right now, it's all about checking the leg kicks. I'll be waiting for those leg kicks. It's gonna be a great fight. Donald's tough. I'm tough. This will be the first time we'll be able to throw punches and kicks and not have to pull them.

Donald Cerrone: Those kicks are coming Melvin, don't worry (laughs). I'll give him hell. I'm gonna kick him and kick him and kick him. It'll be a great fight.

Benson Henderson: Traveling makes you tired. I'm not the best traveler. I toned it down in the lead-up to the fight. A bunch of guys have wanted to come out and train with us now at the MMA Lab in Arizona, so that's cool and nice to feel that.

That's a wrap folks. Thanks!

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