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Boxing champ Floyd Mayweather released early from jail at Clark County Detention Center

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The truth will set you free. So too, will the Clark County Detention Center, if you're boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather.

"Money" began serving a 90-day jail sentence back on June 1, 2012 after pleading guilty to misdemeanor domestic battery and no contest to two harassment charges for a 2010 domestic violence incident involving the mother of three of his kids.

Mayweather was also forced to pay a $2500 fine, which is chump change for him, considering he made $32 million for beating up Miguel Cotto earlier this year. In addition, he was saddled with 100 hours of community service and required to enroll in domestic violence counseling.

If the numbers sound like they don't add up, it's probably because ESPN's "Best Fighter" managed to get out early, thanks to an accelerated release.

After the jump, the Washington Post explains why.

Mayweather received about 30 days off his 90-day jail sentence for work time and good behavior. Nevada state law allows inmates to receive up to 10 days off per month for cooperating with jailers and working or being willing to work. Las Vegas police administer the jail, and a department spokesman said Mayweather wasn’t required to work and didn’t misbehave behind bars.

Attorneys for Mayweather made an "emergency request" just a few weeks into his term, campaigning to have their client serve the remainder of his sentence under house arrest, claiming the undefeated pugilist was "dehydrated, not eating well and unable to exercise" while incarcerated.

That request was promptly denied.

Not that it matters, as Mayweather is once again a free man and the "sweet science" can get back to making "Money." But where does he fit into the bigger picture now that Manny Pacquiao is coming off a controversial loss to Timothy Bradley?

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