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Voice of the Octagon: Bruce Buffer explains 'It's Fight Time' change


If it ain't broke...fix it?

Long time "Veteran Voice of the Octagon," Bruce Buffer, decided to switch things up a bit, straying from his usual world renown catchphrase, "It's Time," to "It's Fight Time," over the past few Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) events.

Beginning at UFC on Fox 4, back on Aug., 4, 2012, Buffer threw everyone for a loop when he, out of the blue, decided to change up his opening slogan for the main event between Mauricio Rua and Brandon Vera. Those mimicking Buffer (admit it, you've done it before), got tongue tied when echoing the popular phrase, wondering what had just happened.

So why the sudden change? Why, after all these years, did Bruce feel the need to switch up one of the, if not, the catchphrase he is most known for?

He cleared up the move in this interview (via Middle Easy).

Well, sort of:

"Well you know, the question has come up and, this is the last time you'll here me say it. Just, basically, I was trying out a couple of things, I'm going through some marketing aspects and that is all I can really tell you right now. I wanted to try something for marketing purposes. But, "It's time" is mine, we all know that, and that's basically where it's at, that's all I can tell you."

And so the mystery remains.

Apparently, the move is on a need to know basis only, as Buffer is holding all his cards close to his chest at the moment. No word on whether or not the change is a permanent one.

How about Maniacs, are you feeling the new change from Buffer? Or do you prefer the old school, "It's Time" slogan? "Marketing aspects" aside, I vote to keep the original in place. It just rolls off the tongue better.

But that's just me.

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