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UFC 152: Vitor Belfort is a better fit to fight Jon Jones than Chael Sonnen

photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images
photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight (and sometimes Light Heavyweight) fighter Vitor Belfort is simply one of the legends of the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA).

His resume as a fighter is incredible. If there's a name on the "Who's Who" list of professional fighters, it's almost a sure bet that "The Phenom" has fought him.

Unfortunately, his record against some of those upper echelon opponents hasn't been spectacular. He's fought Randy Couture three times, going 1-2 in those contests. He's taken on Alistair Overeem twice and lost on both occasions. His only fight versus Dan Henderson resulted in a loss. The only time he faced Tito Ortiz, he also fell short. And, well, we all know what happened when he took on the one, the only, Anderson Silva.

That's no disrespect to Belfort. He holds some very noteworthy wins, too, and the man has won seven of his last eight fights. But, when the pressure's on, and the belt is on the line, can he answer the bell?

In his next fight, Belfort will have the opportunity to prove just that, when he takes on UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones at UFC 152 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on Sept. 22, 2012.

And if you ask Befort, it's a fight for which he was made.

The Brazilian was recently interviewed by FUEL TV's "UFC Tonight," where he talked about his upcoming title bout, as well as the fact that fans will see him -- and not Chael Sonnen -- as the man who will try and take "Bones'" belt from him in the main event.

It may not be the fight fans preferred, but as far as Belfort is concerned, it just makes sense:

"I have history in the UFC. I have been a champion in the light heavyweight division and in my scenario I think it is a better fit for me to fight him over Chael Sonnen."

Belfort went on to talk about the evolution of how the fight came together, and he couldn't hide just how excited he is about the opportunity.

He's confident it's going to be a fun fight:

"You know the first thing that I heard was when Dana called me and told me that UFC 151 was canceled. I was bummed because as an old school fighter I have never seen a show get canceled. I told Lorenzo that if he needed me to replace Hendo that I would, but he responded saying they had it all figured out. Later, he reached out to me again to see if I would be willing to fight Jones in Canada. The oldest guy in the sport is fighting the youngest guy. We are going to have fun, the fans are going to have fun, I'm going to have fun, Jones is going to have fun."

As of late, there's been much talk about taking fights on short notice. It's no big deal to Belfort, who states that he's always ready to fight, no matter what:

"I have trained my entire life. Some people say they need three months, four months, six months. When I was injured, I trained using other techniques. Some people say they need to get ready, I live ready. I am ready."

Belfort has recently moved camps to start training with the "Blackzilians" in Florida. It's a move he believes will make all the difference:

"It has been great. When I came here everyone received me with great love. I've been training with Rashad Evans and Alistair Overeem. I have different coaches here and I'm working with different teams, but I was looking for good training partners and I am having a blast. I am learning a lot. It is so good for me to learn, I feel so young. Rashad has fought against Jones and has trained with him, so I am learning a lot."

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