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UFC 153 results and LIVE fight coverage for 'Bonnar vs. Silva' on Oct. 13 in Brazil

Full results, live updates and play-by-play for the UFC 153: "Bonnar vs. Silva" pay-per-view event scheduled for Oct. 13 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

It's fight night!

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has put the finishing touches on its upcoming pay-per-view (PPV) fight card scheduled for the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil TONIGHT (Saturday, Oct. 13, 2012).

"Silva vs. Bonnar" will be headlined by UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva, as he jumps up a weight class to fill the void left by Jose Aldo. Waiting to greet him will be longtime light heavyweight veteran Stephan Bonnar.

Elsewhere on the card, Glover Teixeira vs. Fabio Maldonado in a battle for Brazilian bragging rights in addition to the return of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, who looks to exorcise the ghost of Frank Mir by putting away Dave Herman. will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the main card action on fight night (Sat., Oct. 13, 2012), which is slated to air at 10 p.m. ET on PPV. The latest quick updates of the live action will begin to flow earlier than that around 6:45 p.m. ET with the "Prelims" bouts on Facebook and FX Channel.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the televised action to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or 153) before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Silva vs. Bonnar."

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC 153 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Main Event:

205 lbs.: Anderson Silva def. Stephan Bonnar via TKO (knee to body) at 4:40 of round one

Main Card (Pay-per-view):

265 lbs.: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira def. Dave Herman via submission (armbar) at 4:31 of round two
205 lbs.: Glover Teixeira def. Fabio Maldonado via TKO (doctor stoppage) at 5:00 of round two
170 lbs.: Jon Fitch def. Erick Silva via unanimous decision
205 lbs.: Phil Davis def. Wagner Prado via submission (anaconda choke) at 4:29 of round two
170 lbs.: Demian Maia def. Rick Story via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:30 of round one

Preliminary Card (FX Channel):

145 lbs.: Rony Mariano Bezerra def. Sam Sicilia via TKO (strikes) at of round two
155 lbs.: Gleison Tibau def. Francisco Trinaldo via unanimous decision
145 lbs.: Diego Brandao def. Joey Gambino unanimous decision
170 lbs.: Sergio Moraes def. Renee Forte via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:10 of round three

Preliminary Card (Facebook):

185 lbs.: Chris Camozzi def. Luiz Cane via unanimous decision
155 lbs.: Cristiano Marcello def. Reza Madadi via split decision

Hemmi here!

Anderson Silva vs. Stephan Bonnar (205-pound limit):

Round one: Bonnar quickly presses forward and Silva slips along the fence. Bonnar clinches hunting for a takedown, pressing Silva into the fence and he throws some short left hands. Heavy knee from Silva and Bonnar has double underhooks but he can't take Silva down. Nice elbows and a knee from Bonnar and he drops for a takedown but he can't get it. Silva has Bonnar in the Thai plum and he reverses the position, briefly putting Bonnar down but Bonnar again clinches. Silva throws a nice knee and Bonnar backs away but Silva stays along the cage. Bonnar throws a spinning back kick and dives in a Silva nails him with a right hand. Bonnar clinches again and drops for a single-leg takedown but Silva pops back to his feet and lands a nice right hand. Bonanr lands a couple punches and Silva is still on the fence and he throws a nice elbow. Bonnar unloads a flurry but Silva dodges almost all of it. Silva takes Bonnar down and he throws a huge knee. Bonnar is hurt and Silva swarms him with punches. Bonnar can only cover up and the referee puts a stop to it.

Final results: Anderson Silva defeats Stephan Bonnar via TKO (knee to body) at 4:40 of round one

- end -

Dave Herman vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (265-pound limit):

Round one: Nogueira closes the distance and attempts a takedown but Herman lands on top and he's dropping a few punches. Herman backs away and gets to his feet. Nogueira explodes forward and lands some shots on the inside but Herman backs away. They clinch and Herman throws knees and a nice kick to the body. Nogueira catches a kick and he clinches him. Short punches from Nogeuira on the inside both to the head and body and Herman backs him off with a knee. Big leg kick from Herman and Nogueira counters a kick with a heavy right hand. Nice left and right from Nogueira and now he throws a leg kick of his own. Big right hand scores for Nogueira and Herman's having trouble keeping him at a distance. Nogueira clinches and works short strikes but they separate. Big right hand connects for Nogueira and Herman responds with a body kick and then a snapping leg kick. Nice right hand from Nogueira allows him to clinch again and he attempts a takedown but Herman fends it off with a whizzer. They battle until the horn. 10-9 Nogueira

Round two: Nogueira drops Herman with a left hook then dives on top of him! He's in side control and passes to full mount. Herman tries to buck but Nogueira is on top of him with both hooks in. Nogueira dives for an armbar and Herman has his arms locked together and he escapes the position. They scramble and get back to their feet. Nice straight left scores for Nogueira and he attempts a takedown but Herman is on top. Nogueira has double underhooks in his deep half guard and he's working for a sweep but Herman postures up and backs away. Nogueira dives in and lands with a nice left and right hand. He lands a heavy left hand and takes Herman down again. Nogueira passes to mount and he dives for an armbar again but Herman is defending. Herman tries to spin free and Herman flips over. Nogueira has the arm extended and Herman taps out!

Final results: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira defeats Dave Herman via submission (armbar) at 4:31 of round 1

- end -

Glover Teixeira vs. Fabio Maldonado (205-pound limit):

Round one: Teixeira presses forward and cracks Maldonado with a huge left hand. Big right and left from Teixeira and Maldonado drops to the ground. Now Teixeira mounts him and he's dropping big shots on the ground. Elbows and punches from Teixeira and he's just pounding Maldonado here. Heavy elbows from Teixeira and then punches. Maldonado tries to hip escape and Teixeira blasts him with monster right hands. Teixeira is just laying into Maldonado here and he cracks him with huge elbows. Maldonado is getting the tar beat out of him now. Teixeira attacks with an arm triangle and he passes to side control. He's got it tight and Maldonado is trying to survive and he does! Teixeira passes directly back to mount and he's pounding away with more big bombs. Huge right hands and elbows from Teixeira and Maldonado hip escapes back to his feet. Head kick just misses for Teixeira and he pressures Maldonado with a right and left hand. He's teeing off on Maldonado and Maldonado has seriously wobbly legs. Huge left hand from Maldonado wobbles Teixeira and then another! Head kick from Teixeira and he shoots in for a takedown at the end of the round. 10-8 Teixeira.

Round two: Teixeira quickly takes Maldonado down and he's on top but Maldonada pops back to his feet. Maldonado backs Teixeira up with a 1-2 and Teixeira throws a front kick. Teixeira shoots in and scores another takedown and this time he gets full back mount. Maldondo rolls over, giving up the mount and Teixeira blasts him with punches and elbows. Maldonado hip escapes to half guard but he's still eating elbows. Teixeira is relaxing from top and dropping occasional strikes but not landing anything really significant. The referee stands them up with a minute left and they're gonna check his cuts on his eye. They let the bout continue and Teixeira presses forward, scoring with a right hand and then a heavy left. Huge left hand lands for Teixeira and a right but Maldonado fires back with that snappy left. Big combination stuns Maldonado but he's still on his feet. 10-9 Teixeira

The fight has been stopped by the doctor in between rounds.

Final results: Glover Teixeira defeats Fabio Maldonado via TKO (doctor stoppage) at 5:00 of round two

- end -

Jon Fitch vs. Erick Silva (170-pound limit):

Round one: Fitch takes control of the cage center and he opens it up with a leg kick. Silva has a karate stance. Silva throws a knee to the body and Fitch gets inside and takes Silva down. They scramble and Fitch drags him to the ground. Fitch has a hook in and he's hunting for a choke, plastered to Silva's back from behind. Fitch drops several punches to Silva's head from behind and Silva doesn't like it. Fitch again drags Silva to the ground and Fitch locks in a standing arm triangle but Silva escapes and they separate. Front kick to the body from Silva and he charges in with a looping right hand over the top that scores but they clinch again. Silva tries to back away from the clinch and Fitch stays on him and pressures him all the way to the other side of the cage. Big strike from Fitch along the fence knocks Silva off balance. They clinch and Fitch scores with some dirty boxing as Silva drives some knees and Fitch closes the distance, taking Silva down again. Silva cage walks but Fitch has a reverse body lock and he takes him down again with 15 seconds left in the round. Fitch drops punches until the end of the round. 10-9 Fitch

Round two: Spinning backfist from Silva and Fitch lands a nice uppercut. Silva scores with a big shot and now he's on top of Fitch on the ground. Silva tries to tie up Fitch's arm but Fitch explodes into him but Silva escapes. Fitch has an ankle but Silva drops heavy punches. Now Silva has a reverse body lock on Fitch but he lets it go and they reset. Fitch throws a nice punching combo and Silva responds with a knee. Nice knee from Fitch and he backs Silva into the fence again. Fitch drops down for a takedown but Silva fends him off although he's still pressing Silva into the cage. Fitch misses with a takedown and now Silva drags him to the ground. Silva takes Fitch's back and he's got both hooks in. Silva attempts a rear naked choke and he's got a rear naked choke attempt! Fitch looks like he's in huge trouble but he escapes! Fitch throws some weak punches at Silva despite having his back taken. Fitch torques his body and reverses the position, dropping big punches on Silva from above and now he's got Silva's back! Fitch latches on an armbar but Silva spins out of danger along the fence to escape as time expires! 10-9 Silva

Round three: Fitch closes the distance and he quickly drags Silva to the canvas. Fitch drops heavy right hands on Silva from the turtle position and he's got Sivla's back. More right hands from Fitch and he's thinking about a choke. He postures up and drops heavy punches on Silva from behind. More right hands from Fitch and he attempts an armbar but Silva drops down for a guillotine! Fitch puts his thumb up to say he's fine and this is likely just going to exhaust Sivla. Fitch slips free and now he's dropping heavy elbows and punches from top position. Fitch has his arm across Silva's mouth but he doesn't sink in the choke. Silva escapes to his feet but Fitch is still all over him in the clinch and he throws big knees and drags him to the ground again. Heavy punches from Fitch and he flattens Silva out. Heavy ground and pound from Fitch and Silva is fading fast. Fitch is in full mount now and dropping big strikes. Silva is being warned to fight back and he's not offering much resistance. Fitch could get a finish here. More blows from Fitch and Silva scrambles back to his feet. Now Fitch latches on a choke but the bell sounds before he could finish it. 10-8 Fitch

Final results: Jon Fitch defeats Erick Silva via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

- end -

Phil Davis vs. Wagner Prado (205-pound limit):

Round one: Both men being cautious early, neither wanting to commit to anything significant and Prado misses with a heavy kick. Davis closes the distance with a clinch but Prado throws a knee and slips out of his clutches. Head kick from Prado is blocked and Davis ducks under a punch, taking Prado down. Davis is in half guard as both men are hand-fighting and Prado has his back against the fence. Prado tries to get his leg free and get back to his feet and he briefly does but Davis grabs him from behind and he's all over Prado on the ground here. Davis has an over/under from behind as Prado turtles and throws a knee. Prado starts to get to his feet and Davis blasts him to the ground with a takedown. Davis is riding Prado and landing some nice ground and pound strikes. Prado works back to his feet but Davis just rag doll tosses him to the canvas yet again. He stays on top until the end of the round. 10-9 Davis

Round two: Nice kick from Davis to get things started and Prado backs him off with a left hand. Body kick lands for Prado and Davis closes the distance with a knee and grabs a hold of Prado, clinching him along the fence. Davis drops down and scores a takedown, tying up his leg. Prado gets back to his feet but Davis is still in the clinch throwing knees to the legs and body and putting constant pressure on the Brazilian. They separate and Davis blocks a head kick attempt. Nice left hand from Davis backs Prado up and he shoots in for a takedown from the outside, dumping Prado on the ground again and this time Prado is not in a position to cage walk. Davis passes to side control and drops some nice elbows. Davis wraps Prado up in an arm triangle and passes to side control but Prado turns into him and escapes the submission. Now Davis latches on an anaconda choke and Prado taps immediately. Dominant performance by Davis.

Final results: Phil Davis defeats Wagner Prado via submission (anaconda choke) at 4:29 of round two

- end -

Demian Maia vs. Rick Story (170-pound limit):

Round one: Story opens with a heavy hook but Maia closes the distance, lifts him up into the air and drops him to the ground. Maia is on top as Story tries to cage-walk but Maia might be able to take his back during the scramble. Story gets to his feet and Maia again dumps him on the ground. Maia passes to side control and Story again pops to his feet but again gets dropped to the ground and now Maia is in dominant position. Maia is all over Story now and he's got both hooks in on Story with three minutes to work. Mama sneaks an arm under and is cranking on Story's neck big time. Story's neck is at an odd angle and he taps out! Wow!

Final results: Demian Maia defeats Rick Story via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:30 of round one

- end -

Haggerty here!

Rony Mariano Bezerra vs. Sam Sicilia (145-pound limit):

Round one: Sicilia comes forward with his hands far too low for my liking. Big head kick attempt by Jason that barely misses. Flying knee by Jason. Sicilia answers with a combo but that knee hurt him. Sicilia continues to keep his hands at his hips, dangerous strategy. Sicilia gets the takedown and is inside Jason's closed guard. Jason very active off his back. Good ground and pound by Sicilia. Jason pushes off the hips with his feet to try and create space. Sicilia dives back into the guard and lands some short strikes. Jason throws up a triangle attempt, but Sicilia defends well and slips out. And Fernando Yamasaki is back at it again with another quick and poor standup. Back to center. Head kick by Jason is blocked. Sicilia charges in throwing punches and eats a left hook. Good left hook by Jason clips him. Both fighters exchange big combos as the round ends. 10-9 Sicilia.

Round two: Even exchanges in the first minute or so of round two. Lots of good stand up from both fighters, with Sicilia doing the majority of the attacking, with Jason looking comfortable to sit back and counter. Sicilia with a good combo then a hard leg kick. Hard left hook to the body by Jason. Good right hand by Sicilia. Sicilia comes forward and eats a knee to the body. Sicilia answers back with a combo, ending on a big uppercut. Great action in this fight, so far. Big right hand by Sicilia. Good left hook by Jason, then another. Sicilia with several big punches to the body. Jason counters with a big right hand and Sicilia is hurt. Jason on top raining hammerfists and it's all over! TKO win for Rony Jason!

Final results: Rony Mariano Bezerra via TKO (strikes) at 4:16 of round two

- end -

Francisco Trinaldo vs. Gleison Tibau (155-pound limit):

Round one: Trinaldo rushes in and eats a decent combo by Tibau. Tibau follows with the power takedown. Trinaldo is able to spring back up but Tibau has a standing guillotine. He pulls guard and looks to crank on the choke. Trinaldo is doing everything he can to work free, and he finally gets his neck out. Tibau has him on the fence now. Dirty boxing by Tibau from in close. Trinaldo able to get free and he's throwing big bombs, but none are really connecting. Tibau with some nasty strikes in close. Tibau tangles things up on the fence. Just over a minute to go. Tibau drops down for a single leg but Trinaldo is able to maintain his balance and shake free. Tibau with the takedown and is inside his full guard. Ground and pound by Tibau. Round ends with Tibau on top. 10-9 Tibau.

Round two: Trinaldo comes forward looking to push the pace. Good left hand by Trinaldo as Tibau comes in for an uppercut. Good combo by Trinaldo. Tibau looks to tie things up and possibly get the takedown. Trinaldo reverses then lands a good elbow on the break. Big left hook by Trinaldo! Tibau is hurt! He has his back and he's got the choke in! This might be all she wrote! Tibau is looking to control the wrists but he's in a bad spot. He's transitioned now to an arm triangle. It looks deep, but Tibau pops out of it. Trinaldo is on top now, half guard. Two minutes left. Trinaldo raining down elbows. Hammerfists by Trinaldo. More elbows. Trinaldo postures up and stands momentarily but then dives back into the guard. One minute left. Trinaldo still in control, on top, raining down elbows and short strikes. Tibau just trying to hang out and live to see another round. 10-8 Trinaldo.

Round three: Tibau comes out aggressively. Both fighters are throwing crazy haymakers. Tibau drops down for a double leg takedown and he gets it. Tibau working inside Trinaldo's full guard. Hammerfists by Tibau. Tibau passes to half guard. Big momentum swing for Tibau, and if he can stay on top, he may be able to turn the tides back in his favor and gain the victory. Referee stands up the action, but Tibau is able to take him down again right away. Elbows by Tibau. Trinaldo looks to have no plan of escape and appears a bit gassed. Tibau has full mount. Tibau working for the arm triangle. He has it in. This could be the end or close to it. Over a minute to go. Trinaldo shows the thumb's up, giving the sign that he's okay. Tibau continues to try and sink in the arm triangle, but he gives it up out of exhaustion. Trinaldo will survive, but he certainly lost round three. 10-9 Tibau.

Final results: Gleison Tibau via unanimous decision

- end -

Diego Brandao vs. Joey Gambino (145-pound limit):

Round one: Brandao with the head kick, Gambino tries to catch it but eats most of it on the side of the head and Brandao takes him down. Gambino is able to get out of trouble and back up, looking hurt for a moment. Leg kick by Brandao. Spinning back kick by Brandao. Head kick by Gambino misses. Brandao with the hard leg kick. Gambino comes forward and is promptly sent backwards with a big combo. Good left hook by Brandao. Big left hand by Brandao in a furious exchange. Good straight right hand by Gambino. Hard leg kick by Gambino. Brandao answers with a leg kick that is partially caught. Gambino presses the action on the cage. Brandao changes levels, reaches down, grabs a leg and dumps Gambino on his ass. Straight to side control. Brandao works to soften him up, possibly for the eventual side choke or armbar. Brandao looks to pass to full mount but gets a leg caught up and is now inside Gambino's half guard. One minute left. Big elbows by Brandao. Full guard now. Gambino with the upkick, then back to his feet, but he is nailed with a thunderous high kick on his way up. Big left hand by Gambino and Brandao is cut. Spinning back kick by Gambino. The round ends with Gambino tying things up on the fence. 10-9 Brandao.

Round two: Brandao comes out throwing. Side kick by Brandao. Gambino with a crazy spinning back kick that mises. Big overhand right by Brandao! He's rocked! Brandao is all over him! Gambino is on the mat now with his back to the fence. Brandao is going to mount. He's got one foot caught in. Gambino is trying to scramble free. Brandao on top. Crazy recovery by Gambino who looked totally finished after a massive right hand on the jawline. Brandao looking to employ some ground and pound. Good elbow by Brandao. Brandao throws another big elbow that misses and loudly thuds off the mat. Gambino throws up an armbar attempt from off his back, prompting Brandao to let him back up. And Gambino looks like his left eye is swollen almost entirely shut. Brandao has him on the fence now, working the knees to the inner thighs. Dirty boxing by Brandao. Brandao clasps the hands together and scores the takedown. Interesting strategy by Brandao who was clearly winning the stand up battle, especially after finding himself in a deep armbar attempt only moments ago. Yamasaki stands them up after only a few moments -- one of several very poor stand ups that the "other Yamasaki brother" has made tonight. Gambino throws a big combo as time ticks off, but is unable to solidly connect. 10-8 Brandao.

Round three: Good right hand by Gambino. Good combo by Gambino, who continues to show a lot of heart. Big right hand by Brandao and Gambino is leveled once again. Brandao lets him back up, looking for the finish on the feet. Gambino shoots for a single leg. Brandao defends and reverses then gets the takedown himself. Brandao is now 3-for-3 n takedown attempts. Brandao working inside Gambino's guard. Good ground and pound from the Brazilian hometown hero. Big elbows by Brandao, mixed in with short punches to the ribcage. Gambino throws up a triangle attempt. Brandao able to pass though and is inside Gambino's half guard. Fernando Yamasaki stands them up once more. This guy is absolutely horrendous. Anyway. Back to center with just over a minute left. Good left hand by Gambino. Front kick by Gambino as Brandao rushes in. Brandao taunting a bit, looking to lure Gambino into a brawl as time expires. 10-9 Brandao.

Final results: Diego Brandao via unanimous decision

- end -

Sergio Moraes vs. Renee Forte (170-pound limit):

Round one: Not much action early on. Nearly a minute gone and no punches thrown. Big overhand right by Moraes misses. He follows up and gets the takedown. Forte back up quickly, but is tied up on the fence. Moraes continues to work for the takedown. He's got a hold of a single leg. Forte tries to defend, and finally breaks free. Forte with the jab. Moraes ducks under and gets the takedown, but Forte is right back up, once again. Moraes ties him up on the fence, sweeps and takes top position as he gets the takedown. Moraes takes his back, but he's too high and gets shaken off. Moraes on his back now with Forte hovering over him, kicking idly at the quads. Mario Yamasaki steps in and allows Moraes to stand. Front kick by Moraes. Forte walks through it and throws a big right hand. One minute left. Head kick by Forte. Forte comes forward. Big looping right hand by Moraes is blocked. Good left hand by Moraes. 10-9 Moraes.

Round two: Moraes counters as Forte rushes in, landing several decent punches. Good elbow by Moraes. Forte with a solid combo. Moraes shoots for a double leg takedown, and he gets it. Forte scrambles towards the fence. Moraes stays heavy on the hips. Good knee to the body by Moraes as Forte uses the fence to wall walk. Body kick by Forte. Good right hand by Forte. Two minutes left in what has not been a very active round. The pace has slowed dramatically after a very energetic opening frame. Good knee to the body by Forte. Moraes ties him up on the fence for over a minute of grappling for position. Good right hand by Forte. Moraes answers with a nice combo. Good leg kick by Forte. Good uppercut then a left hook by Forte, transitioning to a takedown. 10-9 Forte.

Round three: Head kick by Forte is blocked. Forte rushes in and eats a right hand. Big overhand right by Moraes misses badly. Big combos exchanged by both fighters in the center. Hard outside leg kick by Forte, Moraes answers with a multi punch combo. Moraes gets the takedown and takes his back. Forte stands but still has Moraes on him with the hooks in. Moraes looks to sink the choke in. Forte tries to shake him off. We're halfway through round three. The choke is under the chin, but Forte is able to wiggle free and out of bad trouble. Moraes persists and gets the choke and Forte is forced to tap! Submission victory for Sergio Moraes.

Final results: Sergio Moraes via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:10 of round three

- end -

Haggerty here!

Luiz Cane vs. Chris Camozzi (185-pound limit):

Round one: Camozzi starts off with the inside leg kick. Body kick by Camozzi. Another leg kick by Camozzi. Very active start by Camozzi. Cane really laying back and letting the fight come to him. Camozzi ties things up on the cage. Cane is able to free himself and get back to center. Hard outside leg kick by Camozzi. Good elbow to overhand left by Camozzi. Camozzi catches a leg kick then throws a big overhand right. Cane ducks under and gets the takedown. Cane has his back! He's got the choke in. Camozzi fights the hands and tries to use wrist control to defend. Cane has the hooks in and is working hard to finish Camozzi. Big mistake leading to a very bad spot for Camozzi. Two and a half left. Camozzi able to work out of it and get back up, eating a knee in the process. Nice left hand by Cane. Big combo by by Camozzi. Then another. Good knee by Camozzi. Good right hand by Cane. Camozzi loads up with the uppercut. Under a minute left. Front kick by Camozzi. Inside leg kick by Cane. Good elbow from in close by Camozzi. Good combo by Camozzi and then a solid knee to the body. Big exchange at the horn with both fighters landing big strikes. 10-9 Camozzi.

Round two: Cane coming forward, stalking. Camozzi with two big combos in a row. Big right hand by Camozzi., who continues to push the pace and control the the center of the Octagon. Outside leg kick by Camozzi. Camozzi comes forward throwing jabs. Hard outside leg kick by Camozzi. Good combo yet again by Camozzi. Hard body kick by Camozzi then a leg kick. Camozzi backs him up again with a several punch combo. Cane just seems to have no answer for Camozzi's stand up. We may be seeing him shoot for a takedown soon. Good right hand to the body by Cane. Camozzi with a jab of his own. Hard right hook to the body by Camozzi. Camozzi goes for a big elbow and misses, slips but recovers. Hard outside leg kick by Camozzi. Good jab by Camozzi. Camozzi is putting on an absolute striking clinic. Big left hand by Camozzi. Camozzi attacks with a high kick and several punches in a row. The majority of this fight has been spent with Camozzi chasing his opponent around the cage and peppering him with repeated combos. Good knee to the body by Camozzi as the round ends. 10-9 Camozzi.

Round three: Good jab by Camozzi. Inside leg kick by Camozzi. Camozzi with a good combo. Good right hand by Cane as Camozzi rushes in. Good left hand by Camozzi. Camozzi is really starting to pick Cane off with jabs at every turn. Cane is showing good movement, but he just cannot seem to elude the majority of Camozzi's many punches, and the evidence is all over his face. Good right hand by Cane, but Camozzi shakes it off. Good leg kick by Camozzi. Camozzi with another hard leg kick. Cane with a big looping right hand that misses wildly. Two minutes left. Good right hand by Camozzi. Cane ducks under a punch for a takedown but is stuffed easily. Big left hand by Camozzi. Goodleft hand by Cane who is now looking to turn it on and get a finish. Good jab by Cane. Cane shoots for a double leg takedown but is stuffed again. Good left hand by Camozzi. Strong finish by Cane, but probably not enough to garner the win. 10-9 Camozzi.

Final results: Chris Camozzi via unanimous decision

- end -

Reza Madadi vs. Cristiano Marcello (155-pound limit):

Round one: Marcello with some big kicks in the early going. All stand up in the opening minute plus. Madadi with a big combo. Big left hook by Madadi. Madadi is coming forward and stalking, tying things up on the fence now. Madadi looks for the takedown, but pushes off and back to center, thinking better of the idea. Madadi is looking really good with his hands thus far. Marcello looks a bit staggered, and he's been cut in the exchanges. Good inside leg kick by Marcello. A minute left. Madadi shoots for a power takedown and gets it, straight to side control. Madadi decides to posture up and look to stack. Madadi hovers over Marcello, daring him to get up. Referee warns for "language," then stands things up (that's a first). Marcello lands a nice kick at the horn. 10-9 Madadi.

Round two: Madadi charges to the center and walks him down, right out of the gate. High kick by Marcello is blocked. Good right hand by Marcello. Good uppercut by Marcello, followed by a flurry of punches as he rushed in. Madadi answers with a good bit of boxing. Good stiff jab by Madadi. Madadi looked to have him hurt momentarily with a left uppercut, but Marcello recovers and Madadi is patient, nto using up all his energy in a flurry. Back to center. Madadi lands a series of combos as Marcello stands with his back to the fence. Action heads back to center and Marcello opens up with some good striking. Front kick by Marcello. Madadi with a big right uppercut, then ties Marcello up on the fence. Marcello is able to get off the fence and back to the middle of the cage. Marcello throws a big uppercut and misses, eating a jab right afterwards. Two minutes left. Big head kick by Marcello, partially blocked. Both fighters are bleeding fairly steadily now. Big right hand by Madadi and Marcello looks hurt once again. These fighters are throwing everything they have at each other. These are a couple of warriors! Great fight to kick off this card. Madadi gets the takedown near the fence and works from inside Marcello's closed guard. Referee stands up the action after only a few seconds on the ground. Not a great stand up. Good uppercut by Marcello. Marcello coming forward throwing big hands. 10-9 Marcello.

Round three: Big right hand by Madadi to open things up. Good right hand by Marcello in response. Good jab by Marcello. Body kick by Madadi. These guys just look like absolute zombies, throwing huge haymakers at each other, all the while taking the abuse that the other is dishing out. Madadi gets the takedown and lands some good ground and pound, then he suddenly decides to spring back to his feet, apparently feeling he'd gotten what he needed out of the series on the canvas. Madadi certainly has seemed to hold a slight edge in this fight, getting the bigger of the big punches and being the only fighter to score with takedowns. We're halfway through this the final round. Spinning back kick by Marcello. Good couple of jabs by Marcello. Marcello is really working that jab now, picking the same spot repeatedly. Good knee by Marcello. Marcello has come on strong and may be doing enough to take this fight back and win a decision. Another big jab by Marcello. Madadi just walks through them, attempting to show that they're not hurting him, but that is a tactic that cannot be helping him on the scorecards. High kick by Marcello. Good left hand by Marcello. Madadi with the short left hook. Inside leg kick by Marcello. Marcello lands the left hook as time expires. 10-9 Marcello.

Final results: Cristiano Marcello via split decision

- end -

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