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Video: Quinton Jackson and King Mo Lawal squash their beef before Rampage takes shots at Chael Sonnen

Don't worry, everyone, the longstanding beef between Muhammed Lawal and Quinton Jackson has finally been squashed. The two light heavyweight fighters, both signed to the MMA Elite brand, recently sat down and hashed it out, as you can see above.

That's all well and good, too, but during the course of the conversation, "Rampage" and "King Mo" started chatting about Chael Sonnen and it got real, fast.

Jackson: "Man, fuck Chael."

Lawal: "You know what, it's like this: I like Chael because I know what he's trying to do. He's trying to make big fights."

Jackson: "I don't mind that but he should talk about people who he's fighting. He's talking about motherfuckers he ain't even fighting, motherfuckers ain't even in his weight class. That's the problem I have with Chael."

Lawal: "Here's the thing, though. You win your next fight, Chael will be able to fight, that's a big fight right there, money in your pocket, and you can do your thing."

Jackson: "I got no problem fighting Chael but why would I want to fight a motherfucker that's going to take me down and hump me? Why would I want to fight that guy. Honestly, Chael sucks. I'll say it to his motherfucking face. Chael sucks. I like fighters. I like people who go out there and fight. Look at him, he goes out there and just tries to take you down and lay on you. Dude can't bust a fucking grape, he fucking punch soft. Look what he did to Silva the first time. He beat him up four rounds and he didn't even have a mark on his face."


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