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Strikeforce Quick Quote: If Cris Cyborg isn't doping, she can make 135-pounds

Cris Cyborg
Photo of Cris Cyborg by Esther Lin.

"I don't owe her anything and I think it's wrong to reward someone like that with a title fight and with all of the considerations they want after they disgrace the sport and their country like that. If, while she was doping, she could get down to 145, I don't think it's unreasonable to think that if she's not doping, she could be lighter. When have you ever heard of somebody taking a bunch of steroids and then stopping and maintaining the same muscle mass? It's a flawed argument. She's come into fights overweight and comes into fights on steroids. She obviously has no respect for the people she is fighting. She's never had a fair fight once in her life and I'm going to put my foot down once and for all and give her a fair fight. I can see why she is scared to death with it and completely against it. I'm the strongest competitor that she's ever going to come across. She's not going to have any of those advantages."

-- Strikeforce Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey maintains her stance to ESPN that if Cristiane Justino were to ditch the steroids, she could get down to 135-pounds so the two could finally square off against each other. Of course, there's no way to confirm that lady "Cyborg" has been doing steroids her entire career, an accusation levied at her by "Rowdy" thanks to a failed drug test in December of last year. At the same time, it seems odd that Rousey would call out Justino and then say "the champion doesn't come to you, you come to the champion." That's without mentioning that Rousey started at 145-pounds and instead of building herself up for a fight against "Cyborg" at that time, she bailed down to 135-pounds to fight Miesha Tate. Her diet to maintain that weight, by the way, is terrible and one she can't possibly sustain. But, you know, blame Santos for not wanting to starve herself to come fight under Rousey's conditions, just because Rousey now has a title. It's nice to have the steroid crutch, right?

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