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Titan Fighting Championship 24 results recap: Anthony Johnson is successful in Light Heavyweight debut with round two TKO

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Photo by Esther Lin
Photo by Esther Lin

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight and middleweight, Anthony Johnson, "rumbled" his way into the cage at Titan Fighting Championship 24 in Kansas City, Kansas on Fri., Aug. 24, 2012, where he made his Light Heavyweight debut against brawler Esteves Jones.

Johnson has always preferred opponents who are willing to stand in the pocket and trade strikes, and he got just that in "The Quiet Riot."

So, was the step up in weight classes a success?


Johnson was able to use his trademark power kicks and his wrestling background to garner himself an impressive TKO victory, early in round number two.

"Rumble" came out throwing a barrage of power kicks, moving Jones backwards with force after each thunderous strike.

After lighting him up for a few seconds, Johnson shot for a takedown, took a dominant position and proceeded to beat Jones up with elbows and short punches.

Much to the dismay of the crowd, Jones was, then, able to tie Johnson up, in an effort to avoid damage.

Johnson was eventually able to wiggle free, and he ended round one by smashing Jones with hammerfists, before the bell mercifully sounded and rescued Jones from a first round TKO.

In the second round, Johnson picked up where he left off, scored the takedown, then pounced on his wounded prey, where he finished him with strikes.

Welcome home to the light heavyweight division, "Rumble." This is where you've always belonged.