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Titan Fighting Championship 24 results recap: Braulio Estima wins MMA debut with round one arm triangle submission

Photo by Esther Lin/
Photo by Esther Lin/

Sometimes, an athlete can be extraordinarily proficient in one particular discipline, but it doesn't translate to mixed martial arts (MMA), due a lack of diversity or experience.

Some assumed this would be the case for Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) expert Braulio Estima, who made his MMA debut versus the very tough Chris Holland at Titan Fighting Championship 24 in Kansas City, Kansas on Aug. 24, 2012.

No worries, kids. Estima did just fine.

After looking a bit hesitant at the onset, Estima brought the action south to his world, which was the worst possible scenario for his opponent, Holland.

Estima was able to lock up a fantastic arm triangle choke and Holland never even had a chance to tap before he was out cold!

Amazing entrance into the sport of MMA for the 170 pounder from Brazil.

Estima came out exhibiting a massive size advantage, but his eagerness betrayed him as he was tagged by a right hand to the jawline, early on.

Clearly having had enough of the stand up, Estima shot for a takedown, where he was able to show just how much of a BJJ stud he really is.

Once the fight hit the canvas, it was all over, and Estima earned the win in his first ever pro MMA bout at 3:21 of round one.

Did you see that, Nick Diaz? Estima's coming for you, next!

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