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Bellator 73 results and LIVE video stream for 'Wiuff vs Vegh' TONIGHT (Aug. 24) on MTV2

Poster via Bellator
Poster via Bellator

Bellator Fighting Championships returns TONIGHT (August 24, 2012) to the Harrah's Tunica Resort and Casino in Tunica, Mississippi, with the Summer Series light heavyweight tournament finals and a bantamweight tournament final. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of Bellator 73 below, beginning with the MTV2 telecast at 8 p.m. ET. In addition, we'll deliver up-to-the-minute quick results of all the undercard action much earlier in the evening (beginning at 6:20 p.m.).

Headlining the main event of Bellator 73 will be the Bellator Summer Series Light Heavyweight tournament finale between veteran Travis Wiuff and European standout Attila Vegh. Both men will be vying for $100,000 and a shot at current Bellator Light Heavyweight champion Christian M'Pumbu (who Wiuff already defeated via decision in a "superfight" last year).

Also on tap is the continuation Bellator season six bantamweight finals between Brazilians Marcos Galvao and Luis Nogueira. Originally intended to take place, the fight was delayed due to injury. The winner has already been penciled in to fight reigning Bellator 135 pound champion Eduardo Dantas this upcoming November.

Lastly, opening up the card will be a heavyweight attraction as Ryan Martinez and The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) season 10 veteran Mike Wessel expect to slug it out for a potential heavyweight tournament qualifier.

Check out our complete Bellator 73 results plus a video stream of the entire card posted after the jump (beginning at 6:20 p.m. ET).

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Main Card (MTV2)

205 lbs.: Attila Vegh def. Travis Wiuff via knockout at 0:25 of round one
135 lbs.: Marcos Galvao def. Luis Nogueira via TKO at 4:20 of round two
265 lbs.: Ryan Martinez vs. Mike Wessel def. Ryan Martinez via split decision
205 lbs.: Mike Mucitelli def. Matt Van Buren via submission (triangle choke) at 3:01 of round one

Preliminary Card (

145 lbs.: Chris Coggins vs. Zach Underwood
155 lbs.: Cosmo Alexandre def. Harry Johnson via TKO at 0:39 of round two
170 lbs.: Kelvin Tiller def. Amaechi Oselukwue via TKO at 4:21 of round two
170 lbs.: Andy Uhrich def. Joe Williams via unanimous decision
205 lbs.: Jacob Noe def. Brian Albin via TKO (cut) at 5:00 of round one
135 lbs.: Jay Black vs. Brian Hall

Hemmi here!

205 lbs.: Travis Wiuff vs. Attila Vegh

Round one: Wiuff steps forward poking with a left jab and Vegh catches him with a right hand. Wiuff is hurt, Wiuf goes down! Vegh follows up with heavy punches on the ground and it's all over. Wow!

Final Result: Attila Vegh defeats Travis Wiuff via knockout at 0:25 of round one


135 lbs.: Marcos Galvao vs. Luis Nogueira

Round one: Galvao takes command of the cage center and begins stalking as Nogueira dances on the outside. Galvao presses forward with a huge leg kick and a takedown but Nogueira pops back to his feet. Galvao presses Nogueira into the fence. Galvao attempts a takedown but gets stuffed. Galvao is still working for the takedown with three minutes left but now Nogueira has the upper hand in the clinch. Galvao pushes Nogueira off and both men trade leather. Big leg kick from Galvao and Galvao lands a low blow. It doesn't look low and they reset. Galvao lands a lead left jab and they trade heavy leg kicks. Another kick from Galvao and a knee from the clinch. Both men trade punches from the pocket and this fight is getting interesting. Nogueira secures a body lock and takes Galvao down but he bounces back to his feet. Heavy leg kick from Galvao and Nogueira explodes forward with a flurry of punches. Both men exchange a huge flurry of strikes in the final 20 seconds. That was fun. 10-9 Galvao

Round two: Both men trade heavy strikes and Nogueira lands some nice hooks on the inside. Galvao responds with solid knees from the clinch to back him off. Nogueira still looks fresh, bouncing around and he comes inside with a right hand but eats a counter left. Heavy leg kick from Nogueira lands solidly. Galvao attempts a Thai clinch and throws a pair of knees but neither land solidly. Lead left hook and a kick from Galvao and then a nice right hand. Nogueira is pressing the action and he score a big right hand. Huge right hand from Galvao hurts Noegueira and he lands a knee. Galvao catches Nogueira with a left hand and he's hurt again! Nogueira tries to secure a body lock to clear the cobwebs but Galvao takes him down with a trip and lands in full mount. Galvao is pounding away and he takes Nogueira's back, dropping down huge elbows! The ref steps in and puts a stop to it! Awesome finish for Galvao!

Final Result: Marcos Galvao defeats Luis Nogueira via TKO at 4:20 of round two


205 lbs.: Mike Mucitelli vs. Matt Van Buren

Round one: Mucitelli quickly pressures Van Buren and he slips to his back. Mucitelli jumps on him but Van Buren powers up and then reverses the position. Van Buren is now on top and Mucitelli has an active guard from bottom. Van Buren stands up and Mucitelli throws a nasty upkick at him that just misses. Van Buren drops back down into Mucitelli's guard. Big right hand to the body from Van Buren and then a left. Mucitelli sweeps him beautifully and leaps on his back attempting to take it but Van Buren fends him off. Now Mucitelli is hunting for a takedown and he gets it but Van Buren turns into him and is on top. Mucitelli latches on a triangle choke and Van Buren taps out! Awesome turn of events for Mucitelli

Final Result: Mike Mucitelli defeats Matt Van Buren via submission (triangle choke) at 3:01 of round one


265 lbs.: Ryan Martinez vs. Mike Wessel

Round one: Wessel unloads a big right hand to get things started and Martinez fires back as both men briefly clinch. Wessel backs off and throws another right and both men trade right hands. Wessel pushes Martinez into the fence and he scores with a pair of punches after separating. Body kick scores for Wessel. Martinez is trying to use a jab but Wessel isn't letting him get comfortable. Another body kick lands for Wessel and Martinez responds with a right leg kick but Wessel cracks him with a right hand. Martinez looks for the takedown but he can't keep Wessel down and now Wessel has him pressed into the fence. Martinez lands a clubbing right hand and both men reset in the cage center. Wessel comes inside with a right hand but steps on Martinez' foot and slips. Martinez takes top position directly into side control. Martinez hunts for a key lock but can't secure it. Short elbows from Martinez and he's heavy on top until the bell. I don't think Martinez did enough on the ground there to win back the round. 10-9 Wessel

Round two: Martinez looks for a trip takedown early along the fence but can't get it. He presses Wessel into the fence but gets reversed. Martinez scores a takedown straight into side control but Wessel turtles and pops back to his feet. It looked like Martinez just let him up for some reason. Inside leg kick from Wessel and then an outside kick as Martinez throws a left right hand. Another lead right hook from Martinez and Wessel pushes him off. Head kick from Wessel grazes Martinez and Martinez tries to respond with a kick of his own but Wessel catches it and takes him down. Martinez turtles and Wessel drops big right hands from behind but Martinez turns and throws a knee at him on the exit. Wessel stalks Martinez and throws a right hand on the way in and clinches. Martinez scores an outside trip and puts Wessel on his back with 20 seconds left. He's stuck in Wessel's guard until the bell. 10-9 Wessel

Round three: Wessel presses forward and scores with a right hand. Both men trade kicks and Wessel is the aggressor here. Wessel presses Martinez into the fence and both men jockey for position. Wessel has a mouse under his right eye and a small cut on his forehead. They reset and Wessel lands a nice right to the body which backs Martinez off. He presses forward with a big flurry of punches and Martinez clinches and attempts a trip but can't secure it. Martinez backs off and we've got 40 seconds left. Martinez lands a short right hand and a straight left. Martinez presses forward with an uppercut and Wessel fires off a pair of knees and aright hand. They clinch with 10 seconds left and Martinez pushes Wessel into the fence at the bell. 10-9 Wessel

Final Result: Mike Wessel def. Ryan Martinez via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)


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