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UFC fighters blast Jon Jones on Twitter in wake of UFC 151 cancellation

A lot of mixed martial arts (MMA) fans were disappointed to learn that Jon Jones, on the advice of coach Greg Jackson, turned down a light heavyweight title fight against former middleweight number one contender Chael Sonnen.

Turns out a lot of fighters were, too.

"Bones" was stuck between a rock and a hard place when Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White informed him that Dan Henderson, his opponent for the UFC 151 pay-per-view (PPV) event on Sept. 1, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada, tore his MCL and would be unable to compete.

He could, however, keep the card afloat by taking on Sonnen with just eight days notice.

Unfortunately, neither Jones nor Jackson believed that option was in the best interest of the "business savvy" champ, who doesn't want to end up broke after making poor decisions throughout the course of his combat sports career.

As a result, White was forced to cancel the UFC 151 event altogether and ship Jones to UFC 152 on Sept. 22 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, for a 205-pound headliner against Lyoto Machida.

After the jump, his fellow UFC fighters respond to the news.

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