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Anthony Pettis warns Donald Cerrone: 'Be ready bro, you've been talking a lot of mess'

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Top Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Lightweight contender Donald Cerrone has been talking the talk.

But can he walk the walk?

That's a question fellow 155-pound title hopeful Anthony Pettis wants answered, after "Cowboy" was "talking a lot of mess" in recent weeks, focusing on the "Showtime" injury that Cerrone claimed was being milked for more than it was worth.

Pettis responds via FUEL TV's "UFC Tonight:"

"Oh it is happening. He is talking too much mess for it not to happen. I'm excited to get in there and scrap with him. I should be ready by early November or late November. Either way by November be ready. So, be ready bro. You've been talking a lot of mess. Be ready. I am coming for that title shot. You're the only guy standing in my way and I'm gonna get it."

Although the actual event is unknown, it would appear as though Pettis will eventually fight Cerrone, who is coming off a very impressive KO win against Melvin Guillard at UFC 150 in Denver, Colorado on Aug. 11, 2012, and that the bout will be a number one contender eliminator match to determine who will get the next 155 pound title shot.

Current champion Ben Henderson will look to defend his title against Nate Diaz in the headlining fight of UFC on Fox 5, which will take place in Seattle, Washington on Dec. 8, 2012. Should "Bendo" emerge victorious, it would set up an interesting rematch versus either Pettis or Cerrone.

Which fight do you prefer?

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