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Asian invasion: One FC's Bibiano Fernandes interview exclusive with

Photo of Bibiano Fernandes via James Goyder
Photo of Bibiano Fernandes via James Goyder

Bibiano Fernandez was all the talk a couple months back.

The prolific Brazilian bantamweight finally signed with Ultimate Fighting Championship after years of competing in Japan and was slated to make his UFC debut at UFC 149 against Roland Delorme.

Problem was, he hadn't actually signed his contract yet.

In a surprising turn of events, "The Flash" pulled out of the Delorme fight and instead signed with the upstart One FC promotion to compete in their 135 pound division where he would be an instant title contender.

Fernandes will be making his One FC debut next weekend (August 31, 2012) as the promotion takes its inaugural trip to the Philippines where he'll be battling Australian standout Gustavo Falciroli in the co-main event of One FC 5: Pride of a Nation.

The talented Brazilian bantamweight spoke with in an e-mail interview about his upcoming opponent, the crazy support from Filipino fans and why he chose fighting in Asia over the UFC in this exclusive interview.

Check it out:

Note from Brian: This interview took place via e-mail so it won't have the typical back-and-forth or follow-up questions of my usual interviews.

Brian Hemminger ( Something that makes One FC so different is a few changes in the rules, like allowing soccer kicks and other moves that you're used to being illegal. What do you think of the inclusion of those rules and would you be open to utilizing these new techniques if the opportunity arose?

Bibiano Fernandez: I don't think much about the different rules. I will use whatever I need to win the fight.

Brian Hemminger ( The press conference to announce your fight was pretty crazy because so many people showed up to watch it live, can you discuss the reception you received in The Philippines and what you'll be expecting during fight week from the fans and media there?

Bibiano Fernandez: It was crazy! It suprised me! I wasn't sure about MMA in the Philippines but they seem to be really excited. It's great. I guess I'll find out when I get there.

Brian Hemminger ( You were born in Brazil and you currently live and train in Canada, but you have spent the majority of your career fighting in Asia. What has drawn you to fight in Japan/Asia and was that one of the reasons (besides a better contract) that you chose One FC over UFC in the end?

Bibiano Fernandez: I didn't choose to fight there my destiny brought me there. I'm there because I have to be there. I already a fan base in Asia, they know me there. And I believe in OneFC.

Brian Hemminger ( Your upcoming opponent, Gustavo Falciroli, is also a very experienced and dangerous ground fighter. How would you compare his skills in grappling to yours?

Bibiano Fernandez: I can't compare until after the fight but I'm dangerous too.

Brian Hemminger ( Falciroli looked much taller than you the last time you had a staredown, do you have any concerns about facing a very long and lanky opponent?

Bibiano Fernandez: No, I fought Joachim Hansen and he has the same body type. I train with guys of all sizes.

Brian Hemminger ( The last time you took a break this long between fights was when you came back and defeated Takafumi Otsuka in a rematch at Dream 17. Will you be using that experience to help you after an eight month break between fights?

Bibiano Fernandez: I was born to fight. I know when I need a break and I know when I need to fight.

Brian Hemminger ( You've mentioned wanting to start up your own gym in Vancouver after your upcoming fight, how far away is that goal from being realized?

Bibiano Fernandez: I am focused on my fight now, after that my wife is having a baby in Sept. One thing at a time. But I really want to open my own gym.

Brian Hemminger ( Do you ever get nervous before an important fight?

Bibiano Fernandez: Of course not. Not me! I love the challenge.

Brian Hemminger ( You were originally announced to fight at UFC 149 but they announced you had pulled from the bout due to injury. Were you really injured or was that just an excuse they used to get you off the card because you hadn't actually signed with the promotion yet?

Bibiano Fernandez: I was never injured so I'm not sure where that came from. But I'm strong and healthy!

Brian Hemminger ( You had a quote from your interview with Tatame where you said "People use you, use you, use you and then throw you away like garbage." It sounded like it was personal. Have you had an experience where you were treated that way, fighting or otherwise?

Bibiano Fernandez: I've seen a lot in my life and how people can treat one another. I've had people try to use my for their benifit and then after disappear from my life.

Brian Hemminger ( If everything goes perfectly according to plan, how would you like your fight against Falciroli to be finished?

Bibiano Fernandez: I'm not sure, but I want feel him out first. See what he brings for me.

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