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History in the Making: Jay Hieron knocks out Jason High at Affliction's last show

Photo via <a href="">Wikimedia</a>.
Photo via Wikimedia.

Jay Hieron probably shouldn't be fighting at UFC 151: Jones vs. Henderson.

Not that he doesn't deserve his spot inside the Octagon, he does.

But years ago, he got caught up in dealing drugs, charged with a felony and spent some time in jail. That's enough to derail anyone's life. But Hieron persevered.

Mixed martial arts (MMA), for all intents and purposes, saved his life.

He made his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) debut in 2004 less than a year into his MMA career and lost to some guy you may have heard of by the name of Georges St. Pierre. He made his second and final Octagon appearance over a year later which also ended in a loss after a cut forced an early stoppage.

Since then, "The Thoroughbred" has traveled all over the world and fought for the biggest promotions from the International Fight League to Strikeforce to Bellator before finally returning to the UFC.

He also fought for Affliction during that time, competing in the clothing company turned MMA promotion's second and final show, Day of Reckoning.

He fought Jason High, another man with Octagon experience and put "The Kansas City Bandit" to sleep in a little over a minute.

Before Hieron returns to the UFC on Sept. 1 to face off against Jake Ellenberger, we'll take a look at that impressive victory.

Let's go.

The two touch gloves and "The Thoroughbred" immediately begins pawing his jab out to find his range. High isn't thinking takedown, at least not at first, as he throws a cross which misses but follows it up with a body kick that finds its mark.

Hieron responds with a hook of his own and they momentarily clinch up but neither welterweight lands anything of consequence. "The Kansas City Bandit" then chases his opponent across the ring but misses with each punch.

They reset in the center of the squared circle and Hieron chops at High with a massive leg kick while avoiding the response from his opponent. Hieron avoids a second leg kick from High and then leaps forward.

He catches the Kansas City native with his defenses down and catches High on the chin with a perfectly placed hook. High slumps against the ropes and drops to the canvas while Hieron begins to unload with more punches until the referee steps in between the two fighters.

Hieron's entire Affliction career lasted 64 seconds.

Going into the bout, Hieron was riding a four fight win streak. And since the fight -- which took place in early 2009 -- "The Thoroughbred" has only lost once.

Sporting a 23-5 record overall and having stepped inside the cage or ring with some of the sport's best, Hieron is truly a world class talent.

But can he exorcise the demons of his last UFC run and make a run at the title?

We'll find out at UFC 151.

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