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Strikeforce results recap: Cristiane Santos is a 'Cyborg' without a home

Photo of Cris Cyborg by Esther Lin for Strikeforce
Photo of Cris Cyborg by Esther Lin for Strikeforce

In January when it was revealed Cristiane Santos tested positively for steroids during a drug test for her bout with Hiroko Yamanaka, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White said the women's 145-pound division was dead.

After "Cyborg" was suspended for a year and stripped of her Strikeforce Featherweight Championship, it seemed there was no point continuing a division with a disgraced champion and few to zero challengers.

But following Ronda Rousey's first Bantamweight Championship title defense last night against Sarah Kaufman and "Rowdy's" subsequent demand for Santos to drop down to 135-pounds and challenge her, there has been more interest in seeing the Brazilian fight than ever.

Unfortunately for everyone pining to see "Rowdy" and "Cyborg" tangle, it doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon or even at all.

You see, "Cyborg" is homeless.

Not in the "you got any spare change" and living in a cardboard box sort of way, mind you.

But it seems White's prophecy concerning Strikeforce's women's featherweight division has come true. Santos went to Twitter last night to say the promotion no longer housed "her" weight class.

This means two things:

1) The 145-pound division is seemingly dead and buried under the Strikeforce banner

2) "Cyborg" has no intention of cutting an extra 10 pounds to fight at bantamweight

The only peculiar thing about her statement is there was, in fact, a women's featherweight bout last night which saw Germaine de Randamie defeat Yamanaka. While this is at odds with Santos' statement, it could just be a case of Strikeforce honoring contracts with both women before cutting them loose.

So let's assume 145-pounds will no longer be an option in Strikeforce and Santos is correct.

Can you blame them?

They had enough trouble finding suitable opposition for "Cyborg" while she was champion and now it seems most of their upper tier female fighters weigh in at 135 pounds.

For Strikeforce and Rousey, it wouldn't make sense to take a fight at featherweight as there would be nothing to build from after that. Rousey gets bragging rights, I suppose, but she would be right back at 135-pounds defending her title. Should Santos win, Strikeforce is once again stuck in the same position they were in before with no one to put opposite the Brazilian.

Word is also spreading Santos was asked to leave the Valley View Casino Center during last night's event as she is a suspended fighter. To me, it seems like nothing but an excuse from Strikeforce and it appears as if they're ready to cut their ties with the former champion.

And Santos is more than willing to allow it.

Where will she find her next home?

Invicta Fighting Championship?

I suppose we'll find out soon enough.

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