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Strikeforce results: Anthony Smith chokes out Lumumba Sayers

Photo by Tracy Lee via <a href="" target="new"></a>.
Photo by Tracy Lee via

The Strikeforce: "Rousey vs. Kaufman" event taking place tonight (Sat., Aug. 18, 2012) at the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, California, featured a middleweight clash featuring Lumumba Sayers taking on Anthony Smith.

If you don't know anything about the latter, don't worry, it's because you're not really supposed to. He was brought in merely as cannon fodder for Sayers to continue his ascension back up the 185-pound ladder, or at least that seemed to be the case, all things considered.

But homie don't play like that.

Smith looked fantastic all throughout, taking Sayers' back before passing to full mount and maintaining a dominant position for much of the first round. Even when he found himself taking a hard shot and ending up on his ass, he used it to lock in a triangle choke to pick up the victory.


The punches were wild early but Sayers found out quickly that this wasn't going to be a cakewalk. That's because Smith turned him after a clinch and took his back before passing over to full mount.

All within the first minute of the fight.

Once Lumumba finally got back up, he managed to take Smith's back for a short time. They reset with Smith landing a solid elbow but he took a hard shot and ended up flat on his back. Sayers came down after him and it didn't take long for Smith to lock on an arm triangle choke.

Tap, tap, tap-a-roo.

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