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Brock Lesnar has a video message for all you WWE haters: 'THIS IS 100-PERCENT REAL'

I tried to warn all you snobby little mixed martial arts (MMA) fans, but you wouldn't listen. Fools.

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar, who's already used a Kimura submission hold to break two arms since his return to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) earlier this year, will go for the hat trick when he takes on Triple H at SummerSlam this Sunday night (Aug. 19, 2012) in Los Angeles, California.

And this shit is real.

Really real. So real, in fact, that Lesnar himself was forced to release this video just to make sure you understand that he's about to "Bring the Pain" to the Staples Center. And if you don't take his word for it, then you'll surely listen to his manager, Paul Heyman.

"This? This is real, folks. This ain't a game to me. This is 100-percent real."

See? Told ya.

I mean, how many arms does Lesnar have to break before you start taking this stuff seriously? It really amazes me that people call him a sell-out, just because Cain Velasquez and Alistair Overeem GOT LUCKY and took advantage of an ailing fighter who was CLEARLY still suffering from the after affects of diverticulitis.

Well guess what haters, he's all better now.

Show some respect. Not only are you looking at a first-ballot WWE hall-of-famer, he's unquestionably bound for the UFC's hallowed hall, as well. If a 4-3 record inside the Octagon doesn't get you in, nothing will. And just to give a quick heads up to all the smart asses out there, any and all anti-Lesnar comments will be deleted and result in a lifetime ban.

You have been warned.

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