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Ronda Rousey tells 'Cyborg' to 'stop doping,' cut to 135 or get lost


It's always fun to watch two mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters take part in an ongoing war of words, when you know there's a good chance they'll never actually meet in the cage.

We saw it with Quinton Jackson and Chael Sonnen, Cheick Kongo and Tim Sylvia, Dana White and Jason Miller (or Tito or "Rampage" or any other lists of men White has known he'd never have to actually go toe-to-toe with).

The most recent offering of such a nature has been between women's mixed martial arts (WMMA) fighters "Cyborg" Cristiane Santos and Strikeforce Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey.

Ever since "Rowdy" called out "Cyborg" for being an alleged steroid user, the feelings between the two ladies has been mutually vitriolic.

Santos thinks Rousey should meet her in the middle at 140 pounds. Conversely, Rousey feels "Cyborg" should come down to 135 pounds and fight her where she is comfortable.

After all, Rousey's not the one who is currently suspended.

After Santos' victory over Hiroko Yamanaka at Strikeforce: "Melendez vs. Masvidal" in San Diego, Calif. on Dec. 17, 2011, "Cyborg" was suspended by the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) after testing positive for stanozolol metabolites.

Santos is currently on the shelf until December of this year (2012), whereupon she will be able to re-apply for a license to fight.

Even though Rousey currently has an opponent, Sarah Kaufman, with whom she will do battle at Strikeforce: "Rousey vs. Kaufman," she was willing to take time out of her busy schedule to vent her feelings on "Cyborg," during an interview with TSN Radio's "The MMA Report with John Pollock."

Check it out:

"If she wants to fight me than she is going to have to find a way to come down to 135. We'll see how she does in a fair fight for once in her life. She has a history of coming in overweight to fights and I wouldn't doubt that if we agreed to some sort of catchweight at 140, she'd show up at 145 anyway and be like 'ah whatever, fight or not.' She's done this many times before. I don't owe her anything. She's completely defamed, and anything she's ever done is nothing because she is a big old cheater and she's been doping her whole life. And I think part of the reason why people like Dana [White] think there is a lack of depth in all these divisions is because this girl is doping and making everybody look like they aren't in her league. And I think the reason why people look at women's MMA like that was because of her. She is nothing but a detriment to the sport and the only positive she could play is an Ivan Drago bad guy that gets beat to hell by a Rocky. So no, she can come down and fight me at 135 because I have a whole line of other people that want to fight me already and I don't owe her anything."

Rousey went on to comment about the possibility of "Cyborg" coming down to fight her at bantamweight, and she had a few creative suggestions for how she might be able to make the weight cut:

"I don't need to come up and it's just like, why would I even want to come up to her weight? Stop doping, lose the weight. She can either do the drugs and fight me at 135 and have the drugs be just as much a detriment as a help to her during the weight cut, or she can cut out all the doping and make the weight easily. It's just whatever. As long as she makes 135, I don't care if she's injecting horse semen into her eyeballs but that's the only way I feel it would be a fair fight. She's never had a fair fight in her life and I see how the prospect of that would scare the hell out of her and why she would insist at fighting heavier."

As things currently stand, Rousey is the one with all the bargaining chips. She holds the belt, she has a valid license to fight, and she's developed a reputation for being likely to take one of her opponent's arms home with her.

If the fight should ever be made, the willingness to budge will need to come on the part of "Cyborg," whether she likes it or not.

Hopefully, she'll be able to make the move down without the assistance of any equestrian bodily fluids.

To stay up to date on Rousey's fight this weekend versus Sarah Kaufman, as well as all the other fights on the Strikeforce: "Rousey vs. Kaufman" card, click here.

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