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Report: NIKE officials 'amused' by Dana White's 'false' report of dropping Manny Pacquiao

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones is enjoying a multi-year endorsement deal with NIKE, Inc., after landing a blockbuster agreement with the sportswear giant earlier this month.

So what's that got to do with boxing legend Manny Pacquiao?

Well, UFC President Dana White told media members at last week's UFC 150 post-fight press conference that NIKE was "shutting down the Manny Pacquiao line and starting up the Jon Jones line."

Not true, according to a report from the gang at Boxing Scene.

In fact, the Pacquiao line "is selling very well" and the company "has some other things going" that would involve the Filipino pugilist, who came under fire back in May for candid remarks about his stance on gay marriage. NIKE felt the heat from the gay and lesbian community, but ultimately stuck by the eight-time world champion.

The Pacquiao brand also lost some of its luster after a controversial loss to Timothy Bradley back in June, but neither incident has convinced NIKE it's time to say goodbye, and company executives were reportedly "amused" by White's "false" claim to the contrary.

Based on his comments alone, NIKE would have had a hard time justifying a release of "Pac Man" from its stable, considering it held on to Tiger Woods during his scandal. Not to mention Jones is fresh off a DWI guilty plea. Who said professional athletes were role models?

All's well that ends well, I suppose.

For more on Jones' deal with NIKE click here and here.

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