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Video: Emotional Melvin Guillard Tries To Explain Knockout Loss To Donald Cerrone at UFC 150

Missing weight sucks. Just ask Melvin Guillard.

"Young Assassin" couldn't hit the 155-pound mark at the weigh in prior to his UFC 150 co-main event showdown with Donald Cerrone at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colo., last night (Aug. 11, 2012). And those extra 1.5 pounds "bothered" Guillard in the 24-hour build up to his fight with "Cowboy."

Was it the reason he got knocked out in less than two minutes? Who knows, but it certainly didn't help his situation. Guillard points to another familiar problem: Aggression.

"This is tough to deal with. The only thing I credit myself for is getting in there when certain other guys wouldn't step up to the plate. But, that's no excuse. I had him hurt and I could have finished him, but I got a little too aggressive. I should have picked my shots a little bit better. I just hope this loss doesn't set me back too far. I just want to keep moving forward -- I'm tired of setbacks."

In the past, Guillard's power has been his own worst enemy.

This situation appears to be no different because just like Jim Miller and Joe Lauzon, he had Cerrone hurt bad early, but couldn't figure out how to seal the deal. Just like all the others, Cerrone weathered the storm to come back and, in this case, register a sensational, $120,000 bonus-worthy finish.

One that Guillard didn't even see coming.

"Honestly, I didn't even see the head kick. I didn't even know it was a head kick until after I got up. I went down and I knew my eye was hurting really bad when I went down. It felt like something was actually in my eye. But, I did acknowledge the referee's hand coming across my back, so I knew he had stopped the fight. And even then, when I was still down, I felt like something was in my eye. I thought he hit me with a punch. I had no idea it was a kick until after I looked at the replay."

To check out full UFC 150 fight video highlights between Donald Cerrone vs. Melvin Guillard click here.

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