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UFC 150 results: Jake Shields scores unanimous decision win over Ed Herman

Photo of Jake Shields by Esther Lin/MMA Fighting.
Photo of Jake Shields by Esther Lin/MMA Fighting.

Jake Shields returned to the middleweight division on the main card of the UFC 150: "Henderson vs. Edgar 2" event tonight (Sat., Aug. 11, 2012) at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado, against Ed Herman.

The former Strikeforce champion never quite felt right at 170-pounds and after a mixed bag of success in the UFC at that weight, he decided to go back up to his old stomping grounds. Herman was the man charged with showing him the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

It's not, certainly, but Herman wasn't the guy to show that to him.

That's because he worked a perplexing game plan, seemingly playing into Shields strengths while avoiding all of his weaknesses. It was like he walked inside the cage and everything became the opposite of what it should be.

Ultimately, Shields rolled him, using takedowns and suffocating top control to win a unanimous decision ( ) and bore the audience to death in the process.

Predictably enough, Herman came out firing punches. Smart move, considering the one area you can attack with great success against Shields is the stand-up.

But then Herman clinched up and ducked under for a takedown. Not a smart move, considering the area you don't want to get caught in is Shields' grappling.

Sure enough, Shields had Herman's back before you could blink. Herman managed to get back to his feet and turn around, though, resetting the action back against the fence. It stayed there to the end of the round, which brought out the boo birds.

Joe Rogan promptly referred to them as uneducated because they didn't appreciate what they were seeing. Yeah.

Herman rushed for another clinch at the open of round two, only to find himself on his back with Shields in side control. He grabbed an arm and started working for the kimura. He couldn't complete it but his domination on the floor continued.

Round three saw a reversal of fortune. Herman defended the takedown before landing a few punches and even scoring a takedown of his own. Of course, he was down two rounds to zero and needed a finish but at least he looked competitive.

Until Shields grabbed another takedown and that was that.

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