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New 'Sleeping Dogs' video game trailer with 'GSP Master Fighter'

Fighting is just not physical, it is about who has the most knowledge ...

"GSP Master Fighter" is back again with another video trailer to promote the upcoming release of "Sleeping Dogs," the upcoming crime-drama video game developed by United Front Games and Square Enix London Studios.

To watch the previous video trailer with Georges St. Pierre -- who "contributed his expertise on punching/grappling dudes" -- click here.

In this latest highlight real, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight Champion discusses the "art" in mixed martial arts (MMA). While "Rush" demonstrates several strikes, which are them re-enacted in the gameplay, the Canadian is heard talking about what it takes to become a true fighter: Knowledge. It's with that knowledge and patience that an individual can take it to the "next level melee combat."

Patience is indeed a critical requirement, especially for fight fans who are waiting for St. Pierre to return to action. He has not competed since a unanimous decision win over Jake Shields in April 2011 because of a surgically-repaired knee that he's been rehabbing for all of 2012 thus far.

St. Pierre is shooting to step back inside the Octagon at UFC 154 against Carlos Condit in Nov. 2012, which is about three months after "Sleeping Dogs" is released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (Aug. 14, 2012).

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