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Video: Steven Seagal vs Feijao Cavalcante at UFC 148 media open workouts

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E. Honda ain't got nothin' on these hands.

Bloated B-movie action star Steven Seagal, who's somehow aligned himself with the famed Blackhouse mixed martial arts (MMA) gym, or perhaps, more importantly, its top star, UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva, was on hand at the UFC media open workouts earlier today (July 5, 2012) at the XS nightclub from the Encore in Las Vegas, Nevada.

See the photographic evidence right here.

While the part-time reality show lawman was on hand to supervise "The Spider," he also busted out a few of his own moves to shut up all the haters (like me) who continually dog him for what has to be the second longest troll job in UFC history (the first being Chael Sonnen's entire act).

Anyway, to help demonstrate his aging fists of fury was burly Blackhouse Brazilian Rafael Cavalcante, who looked lost in the presence of Seagal's hundred-hand slap. But don't take my word for it, see "Feijao" sparring with the Aikido legend for yourself in the video above.

Anyone think it's time to start taking this guy seriously?