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Bellator MMA 'Onslaught' video game download available today (July 4) on Playstation Network and Xbox Live

Screenshot from Bellator MMA "Onslaught" via <a href=""></a>.
Screenshot from Bellator MMA "Onslaught" via

Happy Fourth of July from Bellator!

That's right, the world's number two mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion has finally released its online video game titled "Onslaught," developed by Kung Fu Factory and published by 345 Games, available TODAY (July 4, 2012) on both the Playstation Network and Xbox Live.

And it's cheap!

For around $15, you can download "Onslaught" and play through the Bellator Fighting Championships single elimination tournament in what's being described as a "fast-paced arcade style MMA fighting game" with "easy to understand controls that enable players to quickly master the clinch and ground game."

"Onslaught" also allows players to design their own fighter and compete both online or locally against other opponents (or the Bellator AI). As with most online games, there will be leaderboards and achievements to earn in order to keep the replay value high.

See a sample here.

Take a look at some of the videos of in-game action from Bellator MMA "Onslaught" (or just stare at ring girls Jade and Bryce) and let us know if you'll be picking this one up in the comments section below.

For $15, how can you go wrong?

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