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UFC 148: Chael Sonnen is cornered by his mom (Video)

"My mom is the definition of supportive, so is my dad. I was really lucky like that. It wouldn't matter what we were doing, my mom would be there every part of it. She really likes this sport. She really likes one-on-one sports. I came from a wrestling family. But she's just there to help. I can't really say everything that she does. She takes care of a lot. She would be in charge of the water, Vaseline, making sure the gear is ready, mouthpieces washed. And then again after practice getting everything. If I had to give her a title, she's the cornerman in practice."

What's this ... can it be ... a softer side to Chael Sonnen? The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight number one contender, known for his relentless trash talk against his 185-pound brethren, reveals his momma is right there beside him to take care of business while he prepares for his mixed martial arts (MMA) fights, including the UFC 148 headliner against Anderson Silva this Saturday night (July7, 2012) at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Is she the key to defeating "The Spider?" Or just there as a shoulder to cry on if and when history repeats itself? Time will tell.

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