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Roy Nelson releases list of coaches for The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 16

Photo by Esther Lin via MMA Fighting.
Photo by Esther Lin via MMA Fighting.

It took Roy Nelson winning season 10 of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) to finally make his way on to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) roster but now that he's established his name as a solid heavyweight and reputation as a prankster, he's been cast as coach on TUF 16.

Naturally, before filming is even underway, he's having fun with the process.

On top of going back and forth on Twitter with Shane Carwin, who will coach the other side against Nelson leading to a showdown between the two later on, "Big Country" has enlisted the help of an all-star staff of coaches.

Except a few of them aren't UFC approved.

Indeed, Nelson told that he was putting together a list of assistant coaches but there were issues with UFC signing off on a few of them.

"I'm excited. I'm just over here hoping that I can actually bring all my coaches that I want to be my assistant coaches and bring on. I might just have to do it myself. You never know. I don't (think) they approve of half the people I hang out with. Right now I got Mo Lawal cause he's a great wrestling coach and he helped me out the last time. Then I got Jeff Mayweather, James Johnson, those are just the three main ones that I have so far, and then I'm working on Anthony Brown."

Brown is a Muay Thai coach and Mayweather is a boxing coach. That's on top of Lawal, of course, who covers wrestling, which, soon enough, could cover both amateur and pro.

Hey, I'm still hoping to see a straight suplex pulled off inside the Octagon one day.

Later, Nelson took to Twitter to reveal his full list of coaches, both approved and not:

COACHES: Here are my Assistant/Guest Coaches the non-ufc coaches will be helping but not on the set because they are black, criminals, white, Olympian, Great TV ... (disclaimer I have know idea, just opinion)

Muhammed Lawal
Kurt Angle
Victor Conte

Royce Gracie
James Johnson
Jeff Mayweather
George St. Pierre
Nick Diaz
Nate Diaz
Rashad Evans
Forrest Griffin
Chael Sonnen
Jake Shields
Gilbert Melendez
Martin Kampmann
Amir Sadollah
Mike Pyle
Gray Maynard
Ron Frazier
Anthony Brown

I am a student first, teacher second. Let's give theses kids an opportunity of a lifetime. A UFC SUPER CAMP.

Skeptical Twitter followers immediately asked if Nelson was actually going to be able to come through with some an impressive list of names and he assured them that yes, he's already spoken with everyone above and they have all committed.

It's just about nailing down the when and for how long. Obviously you shouldn't expect to see all of these men each day throughout TUF 16.

Either way, it's a solid coaching staff that should serve its purpose of helping prepare the next batch of Octagon hopefuls.

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