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UFC 151: Dan Henderson focused on winning rounds, not landing the H-Bomb on Jon Jones

Photo by Esther Lin via
Photo by Esther Lin via


If there's one thing we can always count on from Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight top contender Dan Henderson, it's that he'll be looking to land that patented "H-Bomb" of his. For those unfamiliar with said "H-Bomb" please refer to this article for the unbelievably damaging effects of it.

So imagine the glee mixed martial arts (MMA) fans feel when they imagine "Hendo" landing that thing on current 205-pound king Jon Jones when the two throw down at UFC 151 on Sept. 1, 2012, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sorry, "Bones."

Sadly, though, Henderson is now saying his goal isn't to land the "H-Bomb" but simply to win rounds. And if he can win three of five, he'll take home his first UFC title. Motivation enough, sure, but not as fun for fight fans hoping to see another legendary knockout.

"I guess the difference is he's probably got arms twice as long as everyone else I've fought. But it's not rocket science, I've been doing it a while. There's certain things I need to be careful for that he does well and it's the same approach I have with any fight. There are certain things that guys do best and you just gotta be aware of that and still gotta implement what I want to do with him. ... I think with my style, I feel very comfortable going against his style. My focus is to win every round, not to land the H-Bomb but just to make sure I win every round. If I hit him pretty good along the way, hopefully it knocks him out. But I do need to make sure I get inside of his length, stay in his face and make him fight me."

Hear more from Henderson on his upcoming match-up against Jones after the jump.

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