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Video: Culinary Workers Union uses Mandy Moore in anti-UFC campaign

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"I am not a role model."

Former NBA star Charles Barkley made that quote famous suggesting that he in no way, shape or form ever considered himself a role model to young children in the now infamous Nike commercial a few years back.

Often times, celebrities are seen as idols and role models in the eyes of young children everywhere who aspire to be like their favorite actor, singer or athlete. Some welcome the responsibility while others, such as "Sir Charles," shun it.

Naturally, if a young star-struck child sees their favorite celebrity involved in something, be it an extracurricular activity or hobby, they will more than likely try to emulate it, as well, so as to relate to him or her in some way.

Pop music sensation turned actress, Mandy Moore, relishes the role of being a positive role model to young children everywhere and has always been a squeaky-clean, for lack of a better term, person throughout her career. She, unlike many Hollywood starlets nowadays, has never had run-ins with the law and never been busted for drug abuse and/or drunken incidents.

So why is the Culinary Workers Union accusing her of not being a good role model?

It's simple, she is a very open supporter of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), often seen ringside at the promotion's events and hanging out with UFC President Dana White and several UFC stars and personalities. According to the Las Vegas-based Culinary Union, that is not good thing if you consider yourself a ‘positive' role model.

If you haven't figured it out by now, this is the same Culinary Union that has a vendetta against the UFC and anyone with ties to Zuffa, specifically the Fertitta-owned Station Casinos. The same Culinary Union that, according to Dana White, has successfully kept the promotion out of New York.

Now, it seems the innocent Mandy Moore is caught in the crosshairs of the ongoing feud as evident by the video, which includes many of today's UFC's stars 'lowlites,' the Culinary Union posted on its YouTube account.

Check it out, after the jump.

What say you, did the Culinary Union, in your opinion, go too far in this unnecessary attack on a celebrity UFC supporter?

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