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WWE 'Raw' 1,000: Brock Lesnar attacks Triple H, gets tossed out of ring (Video)

Brock Lesnar was back tonight (July 23, 2012), making an aggressive appearance on episode 1,000 of WWE's "Monday Night Raw."

And, as expected, he officially accepted Triple H's challenge to headline SummerSlam 2012, which takes place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Calif., on Aug. 19, 2012. But, Lesnar didn't have to utter a single word on camera sans an expletive that was censored shortly after Triple H tossed him out of the ring.

His mouthpiece, Paul Heyman, did all the talking, initially refusing (again) to accept the marquee match on behalf of his client. But, their verbal exchange escalated, with Triple H's wife -- who also happens to be that daughter of Vince McMahon, CEO of WWE -- eventually having to enter the ring and get involved to defend her family.

Stephanie McMahon got Heyman so hot and bothered that he eventually agreed to let Lesnar fight Triple H. He then proceeded to get beat down by McMahon, which is when Lesnar stormed into the ring to his rescue. But, Lesnar was quickly tossed over the top rope, head over heels, as Triple H screamed in fury at the center of the squared circle with Lesnar refusing to re-enter.

Both men took off their shirts and roared, with Lesnar walking backward up the ramp and giving a sinister smile before heading into the locker room for the night.


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