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Roy Nelson: 'Bipolar' Shane Carwin called me fat and that hurt my feelings

Photo of Roy Nelson by Ron Chenoy via US PRESSWIRE
Photo of Roy Nelson by Ron Chenoy via US PRESSWIRE

When news dropped that Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweights Shane Carwin and Roy Nelson were going to be coaches on the next season The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) to help train a new generation of up-and-coming combatants, more than a few eyebrows were raised.

Usually, but not always, the UFC brass has paired fighters that have some kind of history or common ground in order to draw pre-meditated buzz and attention to the show. In the past, rivals such as Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock, Matt Serra and Matt Hughes and Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture coached opposite each other, which led to some interesting back-and-forth moments during tapings.

Some more than others, of course.

However, Carwin and Nelson don't really have any kind of beef between them, no backstory to build up in anticipation to this season's edition of TUF. Other than a few harmless jabs here and there, the beef, for the most part, is non-existent.

Or is it?

"Big Country" dropped by a recent edition of The MMA Hour to shed some light on the emerging topic and cleared the air once and for all.

Well, sort of.

"I don't know if Shane is bi-polar or what the deal is. We have kind of gone back-and-forth. I think he called me fat once, and that hurt my feelings. And then I think you (Helwani) might have brought up like a Balco report or him doing steroids or there was a list or something a year ago, two years ago, I don't know. People assume that I have problems with everyone else's situation. Why would I have a problem with Shane? It sounds like he's a Chael [Sonnen], which is OK because I can be Anderson [Silva] and put him in his place. I have no idea (if he's putting on an act). My thing is, I don't know if he's getting off his meds or what it is. But for me personally, it's okay to be average. But the thing is, hard work does pay off. I'm just average and look at the s--- that I've pulled off. I'm coaching The Ultimate Fighter."

Nelson is coming off a 51-second knockout of David Herman at UFC 146 while Carwin has not seen action since June of 2011, when he dropped a lopsided unanimous decision to current UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior dos Santos.

The loss marked his second straight after previously losing a title fight to Brock Lesnar at UFC 116.

After undergoing surgery to replace a disk in his lower back, "The Engineer" looks to pick up a much-needed victory over Nelson when the two meet at the conclusion of the show, if he hopes to avoid a possible pink slip from the promotion.

Anyone think the two massive heavyweights can bring some much-needed attention to this season's edition of TUF? Do you feel there is a genuine beef between these two, or will TUF struggle due to the lack of it?

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