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Randy Couture: 'I love the action genre, but I think a romantic comedy would be fun'

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Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture, who is gearing up for his reprisal of "Toll Road" in the upcoming "Expendables 2" movie, recently had his first on-screen kiss in his latest direct-to-DVD offering, "Hijacked."


I guess all it took was one little smooch for "The Natural" to contemplate a bigger and better role in a possible romantic comedy, or "Rom-Com" as they call it in Tinseltown. Nothing like adding a little meat to a chick flick, I suppose.

From his interview with Bloody Elbow:

"My first movie experience was Cradle To The Grave, which was with Jet Li and DMX. Me, Tito and Chuck were in that film in the underground fight scenes. I had one line in the movie, and that was my first opportunity to see the process, to be on a set. I was immediately intrigued by it, and I went out and started taking acting classes and got a real agent in the Gersh Agency and Brett Norensberg. From then, the jobs got better and I started learning more. Now, I have a coach. He's a great guy that has worked with some of the top people in the business. We get along great. He makes me do a lot of improv stuff and really helps me find characters that I'm trying to play ... I love the action genre, but I think a romantic comedy would be fun. I've always wanted to be in a Western, and think that would be a hoot. I'm up for anything. I want to keep broadening my horizons and learning more and developing more skills in this industry."

I'm voting "Western."

Well Maniacs, this is what's doing in the post-Octagon life of Randy Couture. You've heard his short-term goals for his acting career and all we need now are some possible names for his rom-com sizzle reel.

Let's hear what you've got.

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