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Strikeforce results: Begging for bonus money isn't a good look, Lorenz Larkin

Photo by <a href="">Esther Lin/Forza LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images</a>
Photo by Esther Lin/Forza LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

There is a world of difference between the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and Strikeforce.

Beyond name recognition and talent pool, there are tons of superficial differences. The size of shape of each promotion's cage, the foxiness of their ring card girls and who mans the commentary booth are just a few examples.

Oh, and Strikeforce fighters don't get Fight, Knockout or Submission of the Night bonuses after each event like their UFC counterparts do.

That seems to be a major sticking point for many of those on the San Jose-based promotion's roster including Lorenz Larkin.

Last night (July 14), the undefeated middleweight gave an impassioned plea to UFC President Dana White for him and his Strikeforce brethren to get those bonuses. On his knees, he begged White to begin handing out extra cash for a slick submission, a brutal knockout or a wild back and forth brawl. He didn't even care if he wasn't getting one of the bonuses, just all long as any Strikeforce fighter was.

An honorable venture if there ever was one.

So why was Larkin wrong for having done it?

For one, Dana White has pretty much nothing to do with Strikeforce. He tried to have some say in how the promotion is run but Showtime shooed him off and since then, he's been hands off on Zuffa's acquisition.

So Larkin's plea really should have been directed to the cable company channel's executive since they're calling the shots. But seeing as how they're also the ones who decided Jason High's 23-second victory wasn't worth making it onto television, I can see why the middleweight decided to bypass them and address White directly.

But regardless of who Larkin should have been asking, it's not a good look for a grown man to get on his knees and beg for anything.

I don't want to hear about how much Larkin does or doesn't make fighting for Strikeforce. He has chosen his profession and must deal with the repercussions. I don't finish an article by asking the head honchos at SBNation to throw a few extra bucks my way.

I work hard and hopefully it gets noticed. What goes around comes around, they always say. And to be honest, no one outside of Nate Marquardt and his vicious "hellbow" knockout over Tyron Woodley turned any heads. If every Strikeforce fight going forward is an interview for a spot in the UFC, "The Great" and possibly Luke Rockhold would move forward.

Larkin's lethargic performance over Robbie Lawler was a decent enough debut at 185-pounds but decent enough isn't going to convince White to make room for him inside the Octagon.

I suppose Larkin should be thankful last night's telecast wasn't viewed by much more than 300,000 people.

There's a time and a place for what Larkin did.

It's just not inside the Strikeforce cage on live television.

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