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UFC 149 results and LIVE fight coverage for 'Faber vs Barao' on July 21 in Calgary


It's almost time.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) recently put the finishing touches on its upcoming pay-per-view (PPV) fight card scheduled for the Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, TONIGHT (Sat., July 21, 2012).

UFC 149: "Faber vs. Barao" features a completely revamped line-up headlined by an Interim Bantamweight title fight pitting former featherweight champion Urijah Faber against top division prospect Renan Barao.

Also featured for "Cow Town" is a middleweight mash-up between Hector Lombard vs. Tim Boetsch as well as welterweight war pitting Matt Riddle vs. Chris Clements. will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the main card action on fight night (Saturday, July 21, 2012), which is slated to air at 10 p.m. ET on PPV. The latest quick updates of the live action will begin to flow earlier than that around 7:00 p.m. ET with the "Prelims" bouts on Facebook and FX Channel.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the televised action to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or 149) before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Faber vs. Barao."

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC 149 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)

Main Event:

145 lbs.: Renan Barao def. Urijah Faber via unanimous decision for the UFC Bantamweight Interim Title

Main Card (Pay-per-view):

185 lbs.: Tim Boetsch def. Hector Lombard via split decision
265 lbs.: Cheick Kongo def. Shawn Jordan via unanimous decision
170 lbs.: James Head def. Brian Ebersole via split decision
170 lbs.: Matt Riddle def. Chris Clements via submission (arm triangle choke) at 2:02 of round three

Preliminary Card (FX Channel):

185 lbs.: Nick Ring def. Court McGee via unanimous decision
135 lbs.: Francisco Rivera def. Roland Delorme via KO at 4:19 of round one
205 lbs.: Ryan Jimmo def. Anthony Perosh via KO at 0:07 of round one
135 lbs.: Bryan Caraway def. Mitch Gagnon via submission (rear-naked choke) at 1:39 of round three

Preliminary Card (Facebook):

145 lbs.: Antonio Carvalho def. Daniel Pineda via KO at 1:11 of round one
155 lbs.: Anton Kuivanen def. Mitch Clarke via split decision

Hemmi here!

(UFC Bantamweight Interim Title Bout) Urijah Faber vs. Renan Barao (135-pound limit):

Round one: Barao is looking to land leg kicks early but Faber is changing his stance and moving around a lot. Very little action in the first 90 seconds and now both men throw head kicks that miss or are blocked. Barao scores with a combination and Faber backs off. Both men throws punches but they miss again. Big head kick misses for Barao. Leg kick from Barao is checked. Faber is being very tentative here and Barao wins the round based purely on aggression. 10-9 Barao

Round two: Leg kick from Faber and Barao lunges forward with a combination of straight punches. Faber pokes Barao in the eye and we're taking a mini-break. Faber cannot find his range and now Barao is gaining confidence. Both men trade right hands and Barao just misses with a big head kick. Now Barao is finding a home for his leg kick and he's scoring it repeatedly. Faber is starting to limp at the end of the round. 10-9 Barao

Round three: Big leg kick from Barao and he presses forward with a combination. Faber tries to aggressively fire back but Barao fends him off. Nice kick from Faber knocks Barao off balance and then a right hand lands. Takedown attempt from Faber and Barao stuffs it. Nice uppercut from Faber and Barao fires back with a right hand of his own and then a front kick. Nice aggression from Barao now and Faber is definitely affected by those kick. 10-9 Barao

Round four: Not much to say here other than the fact that Barao was in full control. Faber is not moving quickly enough and can't find any range for his strikes. More of the same from Barao and Faber's got nothing for him. 10-9 Barao

Round five: Barao is in full control and Faber is showing no sense of urgency. Leg kick from barao and now Barao puts his lead hand out in Faber's face and keeps it there. He's just got his hand in Faber's face and Faber is not doing anything about it. Barao scores with a huge right hand and Faber fires back with a flurry but backs off. Big leg kick scores for Barao. Faber is running out of time. Faber doesn't force the issue at the end and Barao is easily going to coast to the title.

Final results: Renan Barao defeats Urijah Faber via unanimous decision (49-46, 50-45, 49-46)

- end -

Tim Boetsch vs. Hector Lombard (185-pound limit):

Round one: No glove touch from Lombard. Lombard throws a big left hand that backs Boetsch off. Boetsch shoots in for a takedown and gets stuffed by Lombard. Lombard throws short uppercuts on Boetsch as they enter the clinch. Now Lombard drops down for a takedown and he puts Boetsch on his back. Boetsch gets to his feet and throws a pair of kicks while circling on the outside. Boetsch throws a front kick and attempts a takedown but gets denied again. Lombard is really pacing himself, barely moving in the center of the cage and I think he's trying to counter. Boetsch shoots in for another takedown and gets stuffed. Body kick from Lombard and Boetsch fires back with a front kick. Big leg kick from Boetsch and Lombard tries to respond with a punch but he comes up just short as time expires. 10-9 Boetsch

Round two: Lombard takes the cage center and Boetsch again throws a big leg kick. Front kick from Boetsch and Lombard goes over the top with a left hand. Big right hand just misses for Lombard and then a jab lands. Lombard is opening up a bit here and Boetsch is working from the outside. Big exchange and Lombard forces Boetsch to back off, although he scores with a leg kick and then a weak side kick. Nice 1-2 combination from Lombard again forces Boetsch to back off. Leg kick from Lombard and both men trade kicks. Big kick to the body scores for Lombard and it might have hurt Boetsch there. Lombard smells blood and gets on top of the turtling Boetsch. Lombard drops some short punches and Boetsch pops back to his feet. They clinch and just stalemate for the rest of the round. This is not nearly as fun as I was anticipating. 10-10

Round three: This is about as bored as I've been in a pure stand-up round ever. Both men are moving in slow motion and throwing single strikes. This fight is such a letdown. Takedown attempt from Boetsch is stuffed. Just let this be over please. Lombard lifts Boetsch up and scores a takedown but Boetsch pops back to his feet and throws a series of knees to the body as time expires. 10-10 I can't believe a fight could be worse than Kongo-Jordan but this may have eclipsed it in awfulness.

Final results: Tim Boetsch defeats Hector Lombard via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

- end -

Cheick Kongo vs. Shawn Jordan (265-pound limit):

Round one: Kongo lands a strong left hand and Jordan initiates a clinch, pressing him into the fence. Jordan drops down for a takedown and Kongo grabs an over-under and sprawls well. Kongo fends him off and grabs a reverse body lock. He's holding onto Jordan from behind and Jordan blasts him with an elbow to the cup. They reset and Kongo lands aa nice kick from the outside. Kongo looks confident and aggressive here. Head kick misses for Jordan and he makes a footwork mistake, easily getting backed into the fence. They stay in the clinch for a minute and Kongo lands a knee to the body at the end of the round. 10-9 Kongo

Round two: Kongo opens aggressively and again clinches, landing big punches and knees. Jordan tries to fire back with a knee but he seems to be intimidated. Big right hand from Kongo and Jordan is forced to use the three point stance to avoid punishment. Kongo misses with a takedown and now Jordan is trying to take him down. Kongo takes Jordan's back standing with a body lock and Jordan can't shake loose. Kongo works for a takedown but makes a mistake and allows Jordan to take top position on the ground. Jordan can't do much with it though in the final minute of the round. 10-9 Kongo

Round three: Kongo presses forwards with big punches and Jordan grabs a body lock and has two underhooks. Jordan scores with a knee on the inside and Kongo again has that reverse body lock. Nice right hand from Kongo and then a clinch. Jordan changes levels looking for a takedown and Kongo sprawls. Now Kongo takes inside position and thinks about a takedown. The rest of the round is pure garbage as both men just clinch and the ref refuses to break them up. This is why we have referee separations, ladies and gentlemen. 10-9 Kongo

Final results: Cheick Kongo defeats Shawn Jordan via unanimous decision (30-28, 30-27, 30-27)

- end -

James Head vs. Brian Ebersole (170-pound limit):

Round one: Ebersole quickly shoots in for a takedown and Head stuffs it before backing off. Another shot from Ebersole and Head stuffs it with easy before backing off. Body kick from Ebersole and Head throws a nice combination. Big shots from Head as Ebersole was backed into the fence and Ebersole fires back with a body kick. Ebersole tries to close the distance but gets shrugged off. Head presses forward and throws a big knee in the clinch before separating. Head again closes the distance and unloads with a big series of strikes. Big elbow from Head and Ebersole fires back with a nice left hand. Again Ebersole shoots in for a takedown but Head stuffs him. Head drops down for a guillotine and Ebersole laughs at him for even trying and now he's on top with about 90 seconds left. Ebersole throws a big punch but Head pops back to his feet. Ebersole throws a cartwheel kick but loses balance and Head takes top position for the final 30 seconds of the round. 10-9 Head

Round two: Ebersole shoots in for a takedown but Head sprawls again. Ebersole steps in with a left hand and throws a body kick which is blocked. Ebersole forces a clinch but he can't keep Head there and Head throws a knee before separating. Big left hook from Head and Ebersole fires back with a left hand of his own. Ebersole shoots in again but is denied with ease. Nice lead uppercut from Ebersole and Head scores with a leg kick. Big elbow from Head and he fires off a 1-2 combination and both men trade elbows. Nice right hand from Head and he backs Ebersole into the fence, throwing a big knee. Ebersole gets deep on a takedown and he puts Head on his back. Ebersole scores with a shoulder strike and Head sweeps him with 10 seconds left, finishing the round in his half guard. 10-9 Ebersole

Round three: Ebersole shoots in and again is stuffed. Big right hand from Head and Ebersole responds witha kick to the body. Ebersole shoots in for a takedown, gets stuffed, tries to pull guard and Head circles away. Head disengages and Ebersole shoots in immediately for a takedown but is denied. Head presses forward and throws a big knee to the body. Head steps in with a nice left hand and finishes off the combination with a knee. Again Head presses forward with punches. Now Head grabs a body lock and takes Ebersole's back. Ebersole tries to reverse the position and Head escapes. Ebersole throws a pair of body kicks and shoots in again for a takedown but Head denies him. Ebersole gets to his knees and throws a big punch that misses before again attempting a takedown which is denied. Another takedown attempt is denied and then another. Ebersole has spent as much time in the turtle position as he has standing. Head presses forwards with a combination and he again denies Ebersole's takedown. Head attempts to roll Ebersole and he gets put on his back with Ebersole in side control. Ebersole attempts a crucifix but time runs out. 10-9 Head

Final results: James Head defeats Brian Ebersole via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

- end -

Matt Riddle vs. Chris Clements (170-pound limit):

Round one: Both men collide with leg kicks and he shoots in for a takedown right away and scores a trip. Clements posts his arm and pops back to his feet. Riddle presses forward with big straight punches and a kick. Riddle presses Clements into the fence but backs off. Big right hand lands for Clements and Riddle responds with a knee in the clinch. Riddle connects with a body kick which hurts Clements and the ref thinks he got hit low. After brief confusion, they reset and Riddle scores a takedown. Clements works his way back to his feet and Riddle dives down for another takedown but this time Clements sprawls. Riddle slickly spins out and takes his back briefly but then lets him up. Both men trade big strikes and Riddle drops down for a takedown but is stuffed at the end of the round. 10-9 Riddle

Round two: Big spinning back elbow lands for Clements and Riddle presses him into the fence. Riddle drops down for a takedown and he gets it. Riddle takes Clements' back and now he's got a body triangle. Clements is in some serious trouble here. Punches from behind by Riddle are trying to soften Clements up. Clements responds with a big back elbow and some short strikes to Riddle's thigh, trying to escape the position. Riddle spins over to side control and Clements turtles but gives up his back again. Big elbow from Clements and then another but Riddle is all over Clements with his wrestling. Clements pops back to his feet and throws a huge kick to the body of riddle. Spinning heel kick from Clements is partially blocked. Riddle shoots in for a takedown but Clements sprawls. Clements takes top position and drops some big punches and Riddle fires back with elbows from bottom. 10-9 Riddle

Round three: Big right hand from Clements and then another. They clinch and Clements lands a big short right hand. After a break, both men go for head kicks and just miss. Clements throws a big spinning kick to the body but Riddle eats it, grabs a takedown and takes him down. Riddle throws a short elbow and Clements posts and gets to his feet. Riddle grabs a standing arm triangle and trips Clements, locking it in and forcing a tap. Damn that was an impressive finish there.

Final results: Matt Riddle defeats Chris Clements via submission (arm triangle choke) at 2:02 of round three

- end -

Haggerty here!

Court McGee vs. Nick Ring (185-pound limit):

Round one: High kick by McGee. McGee rushes in with a flurry of punches. Ring able to avoid most of them. Good high kick by Ring. Good left hook by McGee. McGee pushing forward. The size disparity in favor of Ring is very evident anytime the two get near each other. Ring shoots for a double leg takedown, but McGee's defends with a sprawl. Back up. Body shot by McGee. Front kick to the body by Ring. Outside leg kick by Ring. Ring comes in with a kick and eats a combo. Good series of kicks by McGee. Ring counters with a decent right hand on the exit. Another good right hand by Ring. High kick by Ring is blocked. Just over two minutes left, very even fight thus far. Ring rushes in and absorbs a nice three punch combo by McGee. inside leg kick by McGee. Ring answers with a left hook. Nice right hand by Ring as McGee charges forward. Good straight left by Ring, who is now starting to land with higher frequency. Body kick by McGee. Body kick by Ring. Inside leg kick by McGee. McGee with a nice combo. McGee rushes in and ties him up but gives up on the takedown. Good body shot by McGee, Ring answers with a nice two punch combo. Front kick to the body by Ring. Hard inside leg kick by McGee as the round ends. 10-9 Ring.

Round two: High kick by McGee is blocked. McGee stalking. Inside leg kick followed up by a nice combo by McGee. Ring sprints in and eats a jab. Outside leg kick by ring, then another. McGee throws another high kick that is blocked. Most of this round has been spent with McGee somewhat chasing Ring, who seems to be trying to use his movement to stay out of reach for the most part. Good inside leg kick by McGee, answered by Ring, in kind, immediately. Good combo by Ring. Good head kick by McGee, has Ring backing up. Another inside leg kick by McGee. Ring counters with a left hook. McGee with a good left hook and then an uppercut from in close. Good exchange by both fighters. Hard inside leg kick by Ring. Ring lands a good straight left that has McGee backing up now. Ring lands another big left hand. High kick by Ring. McGee looks a little stunned. McGee's nose is bleeding badly now. Under a minute to go. McGee coming forward. Ring walks through a high kick, ties him up, then pushes off, back to center. Good jab by ring. McGee tangles up, but is tossed aside easily by Ring. 10-9 Ring.

Round three: McGee comes forward with a flurry of punches. Ring gets out of the way after taking some damage, and lands a good left hand while circling away. The Canadian home crowd is now charged up, chanting in favor of their home product, Nick Ring. Good combo by McGee. McGee comes forward with another combo. Ring going backwards and eats a few punches. Referee Yves Lavigne stops fight momentarily to fix a tape situation on Ring's left hand. Fixed. Back to action. Good straight left, again, by Ring. McGee with a nice combo, finishing on an uppercut. Good strike to the body by Ring. Good uppercut by McGee. McGee clinches up against the fence. Ring pushes off. McGee with another good combo. McGee has really picked up the intensity here in this the latter portion of the fight. Spinning back kick to the body by McGee. Both fighters look totally exhausted, and it's hard to blame them. McGee is really pouring it on here. McGee with combo after combo, and Ring is having a hard time getting out of the way. McGee, walking forward like a zombie, marching right through Ring's punches and answering with bevies of big shots. Ring with a big left on the way in. One minute left. McGee catches him with a three punch combination ending on the uppercut once more. McGee clinches up. Ring reverses. Back to center. McGee is just unloading with punches. Ring shoots, but McGee gets his arm around his neck. Twenty seconds left and McGee going for the choke, but time expires. Great fight! 10-9 McGee.

Final results: Nick Ring via unanimous decision

- end -

Roland Delorme vs. Francisco Rivera (135-pound limit):

Round one: Delorme starts off with a combo then a high kick. Rivera answers with a nice uppercut. Good jab by Rivera. Leg kick by Delorme misses badly. Good combo by Rivera. Inside leg kick by Rivera. Delorme needs to take this to the canvas soon, as he is not faring well in the stand up exchanges. Good combo by Delorme, ending on a leg kick. Rivera responds with a solid leg kick of his own. Delorme rushes in for a takedown, unsuccessful, and he takes several really hard punches in the process. Delorme comes forward throwing punches and Rivera avoids them all. Great movement by Rivera. Good front kick to the body by Rivera. Rivera with another solid combo. Delorme is doing a good job of covering up, but he is not able to block all of the many strikes Rivera is throwing at will. Body kick by Delorme is caught. Rivera responds with a solid leg kick. Rivera throws another leg kick that makes Delorme grimace in pain. Rivera with a beautiful two punch to leg kick combo. Delorme lands a nice right hand, proving he's not out of this fight yet. Just under a minute to go. Good leg kick by Delorme, but Rivera answers with a left hook. Delorme rushes in and eats a huge left hook on the button. Lights out!

Final results: Francisco Rivera via KO at 4:19 of round one

- end -

Ryan Jimmo vs. Anthony Perosh (205-pound limit):

Round one: Jimmo throws a big right hook and he's out! One punch, and it's all over! Ryan Jimmo wins his UFC debut with one of the quickest KO's in UFC history, and now he's doing the robot!

Final results: Ryan Jimmo via KO at 0:07 of round one

- end -

Bryan Caraway vs. Mitch Gagnon (135-pound limit):

Round one: Caraway comes forward first, throwing several big lopping punches. Good left hook by Caraway. Body kick by Gagnon. Gagnon shoots, Caraway defends but Gagnon takes his back. Caraway stays on his knees and cautiously defends. Caraway rolls to his back and defends from the guard. Gagnon looks to pass and he is raining down some nasty ground and pound now. Caraway spins to an armbar attempt. Gagnon tries to get out by placing his knee across the neck, and he;s out of trouble. Gagnon postures up and lands several huge punches! Caraway is getting rocked!! Caraway needs to get out of this spot quickly. Caraway is blessed with a break in the action, as Gagnon thinks better of gassing himself out. Caraway is able to able to get back to his feet. Gagnon clinches up and pushes Caraway to the fence. Gagnon has underhooks and slams him to the mat. Caraway bounces back up but Gagnon still has the hooks. Caraway finally able to get freed and back up. Gagnon presses things up against the cage, once more. Just over a minute to go. Good knee to the body by Gagnon. Caraway reverses and lands a decent combination, then shoots for a double leg takedown. Gagnon looks as though he may have used up a good deal of gas in the early exchanges. Caraway on top with 34 seconds to go. Caraway looking to pass, currently in his half guard. Caraway in full mount with ten seconds left. Good elbows from the top by Caraway as the round ends. Tough round to score. 10-9 Gagnon.

Round two: Good leg kick by Gagnon. Caraway rushes in throwing punches. Good jab by Caraway. Caraway feints a jab, drops down for a takedown shot, but thinks better of it. Good left hand by Gagnon. Gagnon ties up Caraway and brings him to the fence. Gagnon making good use of the clinch to land some knees and elbows. Gagnon grabs the neck. Big knee to the head by Gagnon. Caraway opts for the takedown. Caraway now works to take his back with Gagnon turtled up against the fence. Gagnon doing the best he can to avoid allowing Caraway to get in a good position for a choke. Two and a half minutes left. Caraway continues to use short punches to soften him up. Caraway has one hook in, trying to get his other leg around him to get the other in. Caraway continues to pepper Gagnon with short strikes in the face. Gagnon showing very little resistance here. Caraway has full back mount. Gagnon rolls over and is taking a lot of punches in the face. Caraway may be able to finish him here. One minute left. Gagnon tries to control the wrists, but Caraway gets free quickly. Caraway close to getting under the chin with the choke. Gagnon gets out of it and back up! Gagnon takes Caraway's back. Big role reversal. Caraway spins and gets back up, as Gagnon doesn't have the endurance to keep him down. Big knee by Caraway. 10-9 Caraway.

Round three: Gagnon throws a wild left hook that is easily avoided by Caraway. Good left hook by Gagnon, this time it hits the mark. Caraway throws a combination, then follows up with a takedown attempt. He gets it. Gagnon tries to use the cage to get back up but Caraway takes his back. He's got the hooks in and the bodylock. Lots of time left. Gagnon tries to turn towards him but Caraway rolls with him. The choke is in deep! It's all over! Caraway via rear-naked choke!

Final results: Bryan Caraway via submission (rear-naked choke) at 1:39 of round three

- end -

Haggerty here!

Antonio Carvalho vs. Daniel Pineda (145-pound limit):

Round one: Pineda pushes forward with a combo. Carvalho with a front kick. Good combo by Carvalho. Pineda rushes in and eats a kick. He's down monetarily but back up. Carvalho looking really comfortable in the stand up. Pineda with a combination then back out. Carvalho lands a big left hook! Pineda is hurt! Carvalho finishes him off with an uppercut and several more punches before referee Mario Yamasaki steps in and calls a stop to the action!

Final results: Antonio Carvalho via KO at 1:11 of round one

- end -

Mitch Clarke vs. Anton Kuivanen (155-pound limit):

Round one: Fighters meet in the middle and exchange jabs. Kuivanen with the leg kick. Clarke shoots, eats a right hook, but sticks with it. He holds onto to the single leg and drags Kuivanen down to the mat. Kuivanen tries to pop back up but is still in a precarious spot. Clarke is persistent, trying to pin Kuivanen on his back. We're about a minute and a half into the first round of the first fight on the UFC 149 fight card. Kuivanen uses the cage to wall walk, but Clarke gets his back and slams him right back down. Kuivanen rolls to half guard. Clarke controls the neck, but Kuivanen powers through, reverses and now he is on top of Clarke, inside his full guard. Clarke throws up a triangle attempt. Kuivanen pulls his head and arms out, postures up and throws a big right hand from standing position. Kuivanen dives back into the guard. Clarke very active off his back, looking for an armbar, if it presents itself. Kuivanen being very sloppy with his arms. Good elbows from the bottom by Clarke. Clarke got his arm! It's deep! It looked bad, but Clarke lets go, perhaps not confident in being able to finish. Clarke transitions to take his back. He's got the hooks in. Kuivanen tries to shake him off the top. Clarke goes for a kimura, but gives it up. In the scramble, Clarke ends up back on top, inside Kuivanen's guard. 10-9 Clarke.

Round two: Clarke throws a wild left hook and misses. Kuivanen throws a big left hand that misses, Clarke ducks under and starts to shoot but pulls back. Clarke drops down for a single leg takedown. Kuivanen fighting hard to stay off his back but Clarke perseveres. Clarke on top, inside the guard, looking to work some ground and pound. Half guard now. Clarke looks to pass to get to side control. As he goes to pass, Kuivanen is able to get back to his knees and he grabs a hold of Clarke's neck. Clarke looks unconcerned, but Kuivanen transitions to side control and continues to pursue the choke. Two minutes left. Clarke is able to find a hole and get to his knees. Kuivanen controlling the head. <UFC FB feed goes down> One minute left, Kuivanen on top inside half guard, uisng elbows to soften him up. Now back to full guard. Clarke goes for an arm. Kuivanen defends. <Feed goes down again for several seconds> Round ends with each fighter holding the other's leg, exchanging punches from up close. Apologies for intermittent commentary. Feed is miserable tonight. No idea who won that round, but it looked like Kuivanen got the better of what I was able to see.

Round three: Good straight right hand by Kuivanen. Front kick by Clarke. Clarke ties him up and eats a knee. Clarke drops down to try and catch a leg for a takedown. Kuivanen spins, reverses and ends up on top. Kuivanen close to having side control. Now in north-south. Kuivanen drops for a guillotine, but can't get it and gives it up. Kuivanen transitions back to side control. Kuivanen inches up the mat for an arm triangle attempt, but Clarke scoots out of it back to full guard. Kuivanen quickly moves to half guard and is trying to get his other leg out. Clarke really looks gassed. Kuivanen still looking pretty fresh. Elbows to the ribs by Kuivanen. Just over two minutes left. Good left hand by Kuivanen. Clarke goes for a kimura but it doesn't look to have much on it. Clarke is able to escape out and back up, but he absorbs a good knee on the way up. Clarke grabs hold of Kuivanen and tries to take him down, but shows good balance and punishes Clarke with several hard punches. Kuivanen gets the takedown and is inside Clarke's guard. Under a minute left. Kuivanen postures up and lands some good shots from the top. Clarke is getting nailed now. Clarke goes for a leg, but it 's a last ditch effort and looks very ineffective. Round ends with Kuivanen landing some big knees and decisively winning the round. 10-9 Kuivanen.

Final results: Anton Kuivanen via split decision

- end -

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