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UFC 149 conference call LIVE updates today (July 12) for 'Faber vs Barao'

ufc 149 short
ufc 149 short

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will hold a media conference call today (July 12, 2012) in advance of UFC 149 which will take place next Saturday night (July 21, 2012), at the Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The conference call will begin at 1:30 p.m. ET. Scheduled to attend will be the headlining fighters for the evening: Urijah Faber and Renan Barao as well as UFC President Dana White and UFC Director of Canadian Operations Tom Wright.

Urijah Faber is the former long-time reigning WEC featherweight champion. After losing his title and two subsequent attempts to regain it, "The California Kid" dropped down to bantamweight and quickly earned a UFC title shot. He lost a close decision to Dominick Cruz but earned another crack at him and recently coached against "The Dominator" on the first live season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF). When Cruz went down with an injury, Faber will now fight for the interim bantamweight title instead.

Renan Barao is widely regarded as the best prospect in the UFC's budding bantamweight division. The 25 year old training out of the renowned Nova Uniao fight camp has gone unbeaten in 29 straight fights and his current streak includes very impressive victories over the likes of Brad Pickett, Scott Jorgensen and Chris Cariaso. Barao stepped up to challenge Faber when Cruz went down with an injury and he poses a very series threat to take the interim title.

We'll have all the updates from the UFC 149 conference call after the jump:

Brian Hemminger here. The press conference is scheduled to begin at 1:30 p.m.

Urijah Faber: I always have a sense of urgency when I fight.

Urijah Faber: Everything is about being the best. I'm not thinking about Dominick Cruz right now.

Dana White: This is the craziest. We had 9 fights lost to injury and had to move two others. This one wins them all. We put the card back together. The top three fights on this card, Faber vs Renan Barao, Hector Lombard vs. Tim Boetsch and Cheick Kongo vs. Shawn Jordan. We always deliver. The big main event last weekend, the biggest fight we've ever had was amazing. I was in San Jose last night and it was amazing. If this was boxing, the card would have been postponed but our fighters stepped up and we built another card.

Urijah Faber: I don't feel pressure because I always delivered. I've never had a boring fight. I really feel this fight has potential to be fight of the year. I feel I'm at the peak of my abilities and I'm getting better and better over the years and getting comfortable. There's no doubt in my mind this is going to be an exciting fight and card. I want this more than anything.

Dana White: Last night's fight changed a lot of things. The guy is 31-2 and we'll see what happens. I've got to see when Anderson can fight again and Weidman and Lombard are fighting at relatively the same time.

Dana White: It was the scalpers who got stung in this thing. The fans that bought tickets will see some great fights and have a great time.

Dana White: This is the biggest fight of Tim Boetsch's life. If it's not Lombard then it's Boetsch. This is such a huge fight for Tim Boetsch.

Urijah Faber: Renan is very well-rounded. 99% of the guys that get these title shots are very well-rounded but he's human just like anyone else. That long streak is gonna come to an end and I'm the one to do it. All the long streaks come to an end. He's got good hands but he's slower than Dominick and he's less tricky than Dominick. I've got to watch out for his high knees and leg kicks. He's got great wrestling for a Brazilian but I'm a better wrestler. He's fast but I'm faster. He's strong but I'm stronger. I'm aware of the weapons that he has but ready to outclass him in every way.

Renan Barao: I want to show them all that I have and I want to put on my best fight and I want more than anything to leave there victorious.

Urijah Faber: My new stuff comes out in the fight. I'm pretty crazy in there. I just want to keep developing and hopefully surprise myself.

Renan Barao: I think I'm not as well known by the American public. It's not a problem for me and I'm not offended. I just need to show my skills in the Octagon. For us Brazilian fighters the language barrier is a bit of a problem but I'll show everything I have inside the Octagon and give everyone something to remember me by.

Renan Barao: I'm very happy with an opportunity. It's a dream and it's a dream I've been having for years. I'm very excited to have it.

Renan Barao: I've watched Urijah for years. He's not a fighter I'm unfamiliar with. I think his strong points are his takedowns and he's got some nasty elbows I'll have to watch out for. It's an honor to be fighting him.

Urijah Faber: I would have say having been in the game for so long and being experienced has its advantages but the other thing is everyone goes to you for the media stuff. It's one of the things I'm used to but it's another part of the game for me. It doesn't ever affect me in the fight. It's not about how many interviews I've done. I just approach a fight like I would defending myself on the street. I've got no excuses ever. I don't care who the opponent is. I'm gonna go out there and win.

Renan Barao: I haven't felt like it's impacted my training in any way. I make sure to get my work in so I'm ready to fight.

Renan Barao: The way that I feel the difference is in my happiness. I'm so happy when I see myself on the poster and to be able to show you guys who I am as a fighter. I thank god for this opportunity and for more future main events. I'm extremely happy to be able to show you everything I have and I'm grateful for the opportunity.

Renan Barao: We have an excellent camp and strategy down here. We benefitted from Jose Aldo's input and we're ready for this fight.

Urijah Faber: Is he gonna bring Jose Aldo there to help fight me? If so, then yes, but we're all individuals. Renan, even though he has similarities, they're different fighters. They are different sizes and different skill-sets. I don't think Aldo's input will help that much. He'll probably tell him to kick me in the leg but Renan was going to do that anyways. I think this is the battle of the two best lightweight camps in the world against each other.

Urijah Faber: I was really bummed. It was something we had a lot of build up for but when everything is said and done, there is still a great match-up. The fight with Barao has potential to be very exciting. It's two guys that are finishers and try to fight. I feel Dominick tries to win more than he tries to beat someone up. It's gonna be knockdown drag-out and that's what I like.

Urijah Faber: I'm not waiting around for Dominick in any way shape or form. Everyone wants to see the fight between Dominick and I but I'm not gonna put my life on hold because of Dominick's injuries.

Renan Barao: I think I would want to wait to fight Dominick Cruz. I would want to convert my interim title into the real title.

That's a wrap folks. Thanks for stopping by!

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