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Rampage Jackson doesn't care if he's in the UFC Hall of Fame

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson does not care if he goes down as a UFC legend. (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)
Quinton "Rampage" Jackson does not care if he goes down as a UFC legend. (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)
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Royce Gracie, Ken Shamrock, Mark Coleman, Matt Hughes, Dan Severn, Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture, Charles "Mask" Lewis and now Tito Ortiz.

That's some pretty elite company.

It also just so happens to be the nine current members of the UFC Hall of Fame.

While Ortiz was emotional enough to get teary-eyed during his UFC Hall of Fame induction ceremony last Saturday, just hours before his final fight of his career, fellow former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson doesn't seem to care about gaining that specific honor.

When asked about the possibility of being a UFC Hall of Famer by, the chain-wearing former champ had a very simple response:

"I don't care to be in the UFC hall of fame."

If you've paid attention to all the fuss Jackson has been stirring lately as his UFC career draws to a close, this answer probably isn't too surprising.

Jackson caused a fuss to get an opportunity to fight in Japan, putting his foot down and angering some of the UFC brass by being unwilling to compete in the second big UFC on Fox 2 event in Chicago instead.

Then, after putting on a poor performance in a losing effort to Ryan Bader, Jackson announced that he'd tore his knee and had been on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) which caused a bit of a media frenzy.

Then of course, there was the ranting and raving and the demanding to be released from the promotion.

Finally, after recovering from knee surgery, Jackson is slated to battle top light heavyweight prospect Glover Texeira in Brazil for his going away party.

Do you think the UFC will miss him?

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