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Strikeforce results and LIVE fight coverage for 'Rockhold vs Kennedy' on July 14 in Portland

Busy, busy.

Hot on the heels of back-to-back Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fight cards, Strikeforce will return to the Showtime airwaves TONIGHT (July 14, 2012) with 'Rockhold vs. Kennedy' LIVE from the Rose Garden Arena in Portland, Oregon.

The cable network-televised event will feature a middleweight championship match between division champion Luke Rockhold, defending his 185-pound title for just the second time against Tim Kennedy.

In addition, top welterweight contenders, Tyron Woodley vs. Nate Marquardt, will collide in the co-main event of the evening for the 170-pound title that Nick Diaz vacated back in April 2011. will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the main card action on fight night (Sat., July 14, 2012), which is slated to air at 10 p.m. ET on Showtime. The latest quick updates of the live action will begin to flow earlier than that around 8:00 p.m. ET with the "Prelims" bouts on Showtime Extreme.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the televised action to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Rockhold vs. Kennedy."

Without further delay, see below for the latest Strikeforce results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Main Event:

185 lbs.: Luke Rockhold def. Tim Kennedy via unanimous decision

Main Card (Showtime):

170 lbs.: Nate Marquardt def. Tyron Woodley via KO at 1:39 of round four
185 lbs.: Roger Gracie def. Keith Jardine via unanimous decision
185 lbs.: Lorenz Larkin def. Robbie Lawler via unanimous decision

Preliminary Card (Showtime Extreme):

155 lbs.: Pat Healy def. Mizuto Hirota via unanimous decision
155 lbs.: Ryan Couture def. Joe Duarte via split decision
155 lbs.: Jorge Masvidal def. Justin Wilcox via unanimous decision
170 lbs.: Jordan Mein def. Tyler Stinson via unanimous decision
170 lbs.: Jason High def. Nate Moore via submission (guillotine choke) at 0:26 of round one

Haggerty here!

(Middleweight Title Bout) Luke Rockhold vs. Tim Kennedy (185-pound limit):

Round one: Rockhold stalking right away. Rockhold with the left hook, blocked. Kennedy with a couple of kicks to keep him at bay. Rockhold with a high kick that barely misses. Rockhold clinches up against the fence and lands several knees to the thighs. Knee to the body by Kennedy as he defends against being taken down. Rockhold leaning on him and finally pushes off, back to center. The size advantage for Rockhold is overwhelmingly clear each time the two get anywhere near each other. They honestly look like they should be in different weight classes. Rockhold engages the clinch again and lands a couple knees. Kennedy fighting back with an elbow and a knee. Rockhold gives it up and they're back in the middle of the cage. Front kick to the shin by Kennedy. Big combo by Rockhold. Rockhold with a right hook. Kennedy looks a little staggered, as Rockhold clinches. Kennedy reverses and takes him down. Kennedy inside the half guard, looking to pass. Just over a minute left. Rockhold active on his back, trying to get free. Rockhold looking for an arm for a possible kimura off his back. He's got it. It's close! Kennedy pops out and has now passed into side control. He has his back, but Rockhold uses his strength to walk back up to his feet. Rockhold reverses him and has him pinned to the cage. Right hook by Rockhold. Sidekick to the body by Kennedy. Close round. 10-9 Rockhold.

Round two: Rockhold with a big head kick, Kennedy tries to drop down for a takedown but Rockhold takes his back. Rockhold has one hook in, working for the bodylock. Hammerifsts by Rockhold. Kennedy with a nice reverse elbow. Kennedy turns and finally is able to get back to his feet. Kennedy throws a big left hook that comes nowhere near. The reach disadvantage appears to be bothering Kennedy. good combo by Rockhold. High kick by Kennedy is blocked. Big right hand by Rockhold. Body kick by Rockhold. Halfway through round number two. Front kick to the body by Rockhold, Kennedy answers with a straight hand to the head. Kennedy shoots, Rockhold stuffs him and then drops down for a possible armbar attempt. Kennedy rolls and almost gets top position, but rockhold is able to scramble and get back up before he loses a position war. Back to center. Good left hook by Kennedy, countered with a one two combo by Rockhold. Spinning back kick by Rockhold. One minute to go. Rockhold coming forward throwing kicks. Kennedy lands a decent right hand. Rockhold encourages him to bring it on. Rockhold still stalking. Good body kick by Rockhold. Good combo by Rockhold. Good body kick by Rockhold. 10-9 Rockhold.

Round three: Leg kick by Kennedy, Rockhold answers with a hard kick to the body. Kennedy's takedown attempt is stuffed by Rockhold. Fighters clinch against the cage. Referee warns for action, right before Kennedy lands a low blow. Brief pause. Back to action. Rockhold coming forward and lands a big right hook. Kennedy with a couple of leg kicks. Rockhold continues to stalk. Kennedy tries for another takedown. Rockhold stuffs it, clinches up and lands a big elbow. Back to the middle. Inside leg kick by Kennedy. Rockhold with a good left hand. Inside leg kick by Kennedy, but he eats a big left hand in the process. Leg kick by Kennedy. Rockhold with a good straight left. High kick by Rockhold. Kennedy continues to pepper with little leg kicks that really are doing little to no damage. Kennedy avoids a left hand, ducks under and goes for a takedown. He's got it. Kennedy has his back for a moment. Rockhold rolls. Full guard. Kennedy trying to get him away from the cage. Rockhold uses the cage to get back up. Kennedy still has the underhooks though, as he isn't ready to give up on the takedown. Rockhold breaks free and lands a good right hook on the exit. Big left hook by Kennedy, misses. Round ends with Kennedy pursuing a takedown. 10-9 Kennedy.

Round four: Inside leg kick by Kennedy. Rockhold clinches and Kennedy lands two uppercuts. Rockhold switches stances. Head kick by Rockhold. Good outside leg kick by Kennedy. Rockhold comes forward. Kennedy shoots and is met by a good sprawl. Back up. Good leg kick by Kennedy. Side kick to the body by Kennedy. Good straight left by Rockhold. Good combo by Rockhold. Rockhold throws a wild combo that Kennedy is able to avoid. Body kick by Rockhold, bounces Kennedy off the fence. Rockhold marches Kennedy into the cage. Big right hook by Rockhold! Kennedy is down! He looks hurt. Full mount, but Kennedy clears the cobwebs quickly and uses the fence to try and get back up. Kennedy goes for a guillotine but Rockhold is out and back up. Body kick by Rockhold. Kennedy clinches up and lands some dirty boxing strikes, then leans on him against the fence. Thirty seconds left. Rockhold reverses. Then Kennedy reverses back and takes his back. Rockhold sits down, turns into him and ends up on top as the final seconds tick away. 10-9 Rockhold.

Round five: The final round begins, as Rockhold stalks and uses the jab to get inside. Good sidekick to the quad by Kennedy. Good combo by Rockhold. Rockhold throws a straight left, Kennedy ducks under and shoots. Rockhold stuffs him but ends up with his back against the fence. Rockhold gets free. Sidekick to the body by Kennedy, Rockhold answers with a straight left. Good inside leg kick by Kennedy. Rockhold throws a good combo, Kennedy clinches up and turns him into the fence. Kennedy drops down for a takedown attempt. Rockhold takes his back for a second. Kennedy reverses and goes for the guillotine, knowing he needs a finish here. Rockhold gets out and they're back up. Two minutes left in the round and in the fight. Good knee by Kennedy as Rockhold rushes in. Sidekick to the body by Rockhold. Kennedy shoots and eats a right hook. Kennedy has Rockhold on the fence. Rockhold reverses and lands a good knee to the body on the exit. They clinch up in the center and exchange short strikes. Rockhold has him on the fence and lands several big knees in a row. Kennedy with a good elbow. 10-9 Rockhold.

Final results: Luke Rockhold via unanimous decision

- end -

(Welterweight Title Bout) Nate Marquardt vs. Tyron Woodley (170-pound limit):

Round one: Woodley throws a big right hand then follows with a kick to the body. Marquardt answers with an inside kick that goes a bit low. Brief pause. Big right hook by Woodley is blocked. Good leg kick by Woodley. Body kick by Marquardt. Woodley clips him with a right hook. Woodley pounces on him, clinches up and takes him down. Marquardt turtles up. Woodley raining knees to the body. Marquardt using the fence to get back to his feet. He's back up. Marquardt tries a spinning backfist but can't land. Marquardt with knees to the body. Another good knee by Marquardt. Woodley throws a big overhand right, Marquardt ducks under and hits him with a straight right. Marquardt stalking now, almost sinking in a deep guillotine. Woodley is out and back up. Marquardt has him against the cage. Fighters exchanging knees in the clinch. Woodley pushes him off but Marquardt is still hunting. Marquardt with the muay thai clinch and landing a lot of knees and short strikes. Nasty elbow by Marquardt. Woodley with a good knee to the head as Marquardt ducks down. Marquardt still stalking as Woodley has been on the defensive for a minute or so. Woodley clinches up and has him on the cage, leaning. Time ticking away. Good combo at the horn by Marquardt. 10-9 Marquardt.

Round two: Marquardt walking him down. Marquardt with a good leg kick, then another, both solid. Spinning backfist from Woodley lands on the shoulder. Woodley with a good right hand. Marquardt with another solid leg kick. Marquardt with a good combo then a knee to the body. Woodley clinches up and has him on the fence. Marquardt reverses. Back to center. Marquardt with a low kick to the lead leg that almost knock Woodley down. Hard leg kick by Marquardt. Two minutes to go. Fighters exchange jabs, Woodley gets the better of it. Hard inside leg kick by The Great. Marquardt with a hard spinning back kick to the body. Lands clean. Good straight right by Marquardt, followed by a combo. Trip takedown by Marquardt, who's on top now with less than a minute. Marquardt using his ground and pound. Woodley finally able to use the fence to get back up and lands a good uppercut on the way up. 10-9 Marquardt.

Round three: Marquardt coming forward stalking again. Woodley pushes him back with a big combo. Woodley lands a big right hook and Marquardt looks hurt. Woodley on top ground and pounding. Marquardt is in trouble. Big elbow from Woodley. Marquardt throws up a triangle attempt from the bottom. Woodley is out and back inside the closed guard of Marquardt. Marquardt appears out of trouble for now, but still on his back. Woodley peppering with occasional shots, but not enough as referee Dave Hagan stands them back up. Woodley throws a couple of wild punches that miss. Marquardt walking him down again. Big right hand by Marquardt misses as Woodley ducks under and circles away. Marquardt with the inside leg kick. Woodley with the left hook. Good inside leg kick by Marquardt. Inside the clinch. Marquardt lands a couple good short strikes. Back to center. Good combo by Marquardt then he clinches up. Good knee to the body by Marquardt then an elbow to the head. Another good elbow by Marquardt, then another, right at the horn. 10-9 Woodley.

Round four: Marquardt with a straight right hand to the body. Woodley with a big straight right to the head. Woodley rushes in and eats a three punch combo, then a front kick to the body. Marquardt is finding his range. Inside leg kick by Marquardt, then again. Good right cross by Marquardt. Marquardt is really unloading with punches and picking Woodley apart in the stand up. Marquardt engages the clinch and lands a big elbow to the temple, then two uppercuts in a row! Woodley is out! It's over! Nate Marquardt did what he said what he'd do, and has knocked Tyron Woodley out! "Nate the Great" is the new Strikeforce welterweight champion!

Final results: Nate Marquardt via KO at 1:39 of round four

- end -

Roger Gracie vs. Keith Jardine (185-pound limit):

Round one: Jardine comes forward pawing with the jab. Gracie looks to throw a combo but thinks better when Jardine throws a big lead left hook to brush him back. No punches landed yet by either. Gracie rushes in, ties him up and has Jardine on his back, almost immediately. This could be very bad for "The Dean of Mean." Lots of time left. Gracie working to pass the guard. Jardine in survival mode. Gracie continues to transition from one attempt to another, very patient. Jardine staying with him and defending. Jardine scoots toward the fence and uses it to walk back up. Gracie with a good knee to the body. Gracie stays all over him, trying to drag him back down. Jardine is back down. Gracie has his arm trapped. He's close to a crucifix mount. Jardine fighting hard, but Gracie quickly steps over and has full mount. Gracie has Jardine's legs tied up underneath him, and is pulling him away from the fence. Elbows from the top by Gracie. Jardine is cut. Gracie is getting high, he's setting up an armbar or a mounted triangle. Time almost up. The round ends with Gracie planting elbow after violent elbow on the forehead of Jardine, who just barely survives. 10-8 Gracie.

Round two: Gracie with a hard front kick to the body. Good jab by Gracie. Jardine comes forward throwing wildly, Gracie ducks under a left hand and takes Jardine back down. Jardine on his back against the fence. Gracie inside his half guard, trying to get his other leg free. Good elbow by Gracie. Gracie is close to having his back. Jardine turtling up. Gracie has the hooks in at an over/under angle. Tons of time left. Gracie is on his back but very high. Gracie has the hooks completely sunk in with the body lock. Gracie working hard for the choke. Jardine defending but it really just looks like a matter of time. Jardine is utterly covered in blood. Gracie trying to find the right angle. He almost had the choke for a second but could not get under the chin. Gracie using short punches to soften him up. One minute left. Gracie transitions to an arm triangle, but Jardine slips out. Gracie in full mount on top. Big elbows by Gracie. Jardine survives. 10-8 Gracie.

Round three: Front kick to the body by Gracie. Jardine rushes in and just avoids being kneed in the face. Good body shot by Jardine. Leg kick by Jardine. Gracie walks through it and takes him to the fence, but Jardine reverses and back to center. Front kick by Gracie. Jardine with a big right hook that misses. Jardine comes forward and eats a kick. Straight left to the body by Gracie. Jardine knows he needs a finish, but he looks afraid to put too much into anything, for fear of being taken down again. Good left hook by Jardine. And then again. Gracie shoots, can't get it initally and then changes levels for a standing clinch. Jardine pushes him off. Jardine throws a right hook, Gracie ducks under it and ties him up, then lands a good knee to the body. Back to center. One minute left. Front kick to the body by Gracie. Another front kick by Gracie. Not much time left. Good leg kick by Jardine. Good combo by Jardine. Gracie clinches up. Jardine gets free and throws some wild punches that don't land squarely. 10-9 Jardine.

Final results: Roger Gracie via unanimous decision

- end -

Lorenz Larkin vs. Robbie Lawler (185-pound limit):

Round one: Hesitant start by both fighters, respecting the other's power. High kick by Larkin, blocked. Leg kick by Lawler. Kick to the body by Lawler answered by a spinning back kick by Larkin. Right hook by Lawler and Larkin looks hurt. Lawler clinches up and Larkin looks hurt, but he nails Lawler with a big knee to the body then a nasty elbow to the head. Lawler has him against the fence. Larkin with the trip takedown and he's on top pounding! Pace slows as Larkin is inside his guard. Larkin steps over with one leg and Lawler scrambles and gets back up. Larkin has him pressed on the cage. Just over two minutes left. Good knees by Larkin. Big elbow and then a big knee by Larkin. Lawler reverses and lands a good combo. Big uppercut by Larkin as Lawler comes in! Lawler is draped on him now, looking to regain his momentum. Inside knees by Lawler. Larkin continues to do damage inside the clinch with knees, elbows and uppercuts. Lawler has consistently pushed the action to the cage,, but things have not worked out well for him there at all. 10-9 Larkin.

Round two: Fighters meet in the middle and exchange front kicks. Larkin with the head kick, but it is blocked. Larkin stalking now. Hard inside leg kick by Larkin. Good jab by Larkin. Good straight right hand by Larkin, then a left hook. Larkin clinches up and lands several big knees before Lawler reverses and leans on him against the cage. Big right hand by Lawler. Good knee by Larkin. Good dirty boxing by Lawler from in close. Lawler drops down looking for underhooks and a possible takedown. Larkin defends, grab the neck, takes him down and almost gets the guillotine in, but Lawler escapes with quick movement, just in time. Lawler has Larkin pressed against the fence again. Referee John McCarthy continues to warn the fighters to work. Knee to the body by Larkin. Good elbow by Larkin to the jawline. Big John breaks them up and it's back to center. Big head kick by Larkin! He's cut and he is bleeding a river! Another big kick by Larkin. 10-9 Larkin.

Round three: Body kick by Lawler. Lawler walks through a kick to throw a combo. Lawler is coming forward aggressively. He knows he's behind. Good jab by Larkin. Body kick by Lawler and then a short left hook. Lawler clinches up against the fence. Lawler is going for a single leg takedown as his corner yells for him to bring things south. Larkin defends well by controlling the head. Lawler with a left hook and then a right cross as Larkin escaped from the takedown attempt. Left hook by Larkin., then a big spinning backfist that misses. Head kick by Lawler. Front kick to the instep by Larkin. Big right hand by Lawler. Good left hook by Larkin. Front kick to the thigh by Larkin. Good combo by Lawler. Leg kick by Larkin. Larkin with a combo and Lawler responds with a big left. Head kick by Larkin is blocked. Minute and a half left and Lawler needs to go for the kill. He just looks so gassed. Good left hook by Larkin then an uppercut. Body kick by Larkin. Leg kick by Larkin. Every time Lawler starts to step into a punch, Larkin slaps him with a leg kick to the lead leg. Good combo by Larkin then two big elbows! Lawler clinches and tries to land some knees as the round expires. 10-9 Larkin.

Final results: Lorenz Larkin via unanimous decision

- end -

Hemmi here!

Pat Healy vs. Mizuto Hirota (155-pound limit):

Round one: Hirota actively throwing some punches early and Healy clinches with him. Hirota backs Healy up into the fence and he actually scores a takedown. Big surprise here. Hirota is in half guard and hanging on very tightly. Hirota attempts to pin down Healy's arm and he postures up slightly but the referee stands them up. Hirota lands a left hoook and they clinch. This time Healy presses Hirota into the fence and throws a knee. Hirota reverses position and spins away to the cage center. Hirota again with the left hand and Healy shoots in for a single leg and Hirota squirms free. They jockey for position along the fence and Hirota takes the inside. They separate and Healy lands a leg kick. One minute left and Hirota throws a combination and sidesteps a Healy takedown attempt. Healy looks slow here and Hirota connects with a right hand. They clinch and Hirota gets the better of the inside strikes early on. 10-9 Hirota

Round two: Healy comes out aggressively with a sense of urgency as both men trade strikes. Healy clinches and lands a nice elbow but Hirota responds with a counter left hook. Healy again with an elbow but Hirota backs him into the fence. Hirota grabs a body lock and actually scores a trip takedown. Healy turtles and gets back to his feet and he needs to make something happen here. They clinch and both men trade slashing elbows and Healy shoots in for a takedown and scoops Hirota onto the ground. Healy is in Hirota's full guard but he's already getting warned to stay busy. Short left hands from Healy and some big right hands to the body and then the head. Hirota turns into Healy and starts to pop back to his feet but he's bleeding. Hirota stands up and Healy lands another big elbow. Nice left hand from Hirota both men are trading short strikes up close. Healy shoots in for a big takedown but Hirota defends. Healy lands a nice inside right hand at the bell. 10-9 Healy

Round three: Healy presses forwards and Hirota initiates with a left hook to the uppercut and presses Healy into the fence. Healy reverses position and both men are working very hard in the clinch before getting separated. Both men trade strikes on the inside, throwing big short hooks in the pocket. Healy connects with a leg kick and then presses Hirota into the fence. Healy grabs a single leg, lifts it up and can't score a takedown. Healy changes levels looking for a double leg and Hirota defends again. Healy finally drags Hirota down and the Japanese champion braces himself against the fence and gets to his feet. Healy throws knees and elbows on the inside and drops down again for a takedown. Hirota thinks about a submission but Healy uses it to get on top of him. Healy is now firmly on top with 80 seconds left in the fight but Hirota pushes him off and gets back to his feet. Both men trade big strikes and Healy shoots in for a takedown, putting Hirota on his back in the center of the cage this time. Hirota has butterfly guard on bottom and Healy is grinding away. Healy tries to posture up but Hirota is defending. Healy stands and tries to take Hirota's back in the final 10 seconds but he's hanging onto Hirota as the final horn sounds. 10-9 Healy

Final results: Pat Healy defeats Mizuto Hirota via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

- end -

Ryan Couture vs. Joe Duarte (155-pound limit):

Round one: Duarte stalking early while Couture is circling. Duarte lands a nice right hand and then a big punch ot the body and Couture shoots in hunting for a takedown. Duarte threatens with a standing D'Arce choke and Couture backs off. Duarte is landing more accurately here and he's doing a good job of pressing the action on Couture. Big running knee from Duarte and then a right hand and Couture responds with a nice body kick. Duarte shoots in for a takedown and he gets it and Couture threatens with an omaplata before Duarte backs off. 10-9 Duarte

Round two: Couture lunges in with a right hand and scores a nice takedown but Duarte scrambles back to his feet. Couture leans on him against the fence and Duarte is denying him now. Couture misses with a front kick and Duarte whips a nasty low kick. Push kick from Couture and Duarte grabs a body lock and scores a takedown but backs off immediately. Couture looks for the takedown and he's in the clinch throwing some nice short body punches before exiting. Couture misses with a spinning back kick and Duarte goes back into stalk-mode. Couture changes levels and grabs a single leg, pressing Duarte into the fence and dumping him on the ground. Couture takes Duarte's back and locks in a neck crank but gives up on it. Couture has full mount now and he starts ground and pounding with elbows. He looks for the choke until the final horn. That just stole the round for Couture. 10-9 Couture

Round three: Superman punch misses for Duarte and Couture clinches, throwing a nice knee into Duarte's body. Duarte's pace has slowed and Couture keeps the pressure. They clinch up in the cage center and Couture throws a big nice uppercut on the exit. Duarte times Couture perfectly and takes him down. Duarte latches onto Couture's neck and attacks with a Peruvian necktie but Couture escapes. Duarte is still in Couture's half guard an dCouture turtles before exploding back to his feet and nearly tossing Duarte with a lateral drop. Two minutes left and this could be anybody's fight. Duarte misses with a trip takedown and Couture shoots in along the fence and dumps Duarte on his back. Duarte throws his legs up but Couture stacks him up. Duarte rolls to his feet and Couture throws a kick then clinches, throwing short knees. Couture scores a takedown along the fence and he's got Duarte on the ground now with 15 seconds left. Duarte pops back to his feet but Couture fires off some knees and I think he's taken the round. 10-9 Couture

Final results: Ryan Couture defeats Joe Duarte via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

- end -

Jorge Masvidal vs. Justin Wilcox (155-pound limit):

Round one: Huge head kick grazes Masvidal to get things started and Masvidal throws a nice jab. Wilcox is being very aggressive early but Masvidal is avoiding most of them. Wilcox is still leading the way and Masvidal throws a nice right counter. Wilcox shoots in for a takedown and Masvidal briefly avoids it but gives up his back standing and drags him to the ground. Masvidal throws some reverse elbows and Wilcox is hanging onto him for now. Masvidal gets back to his feet and fires off a nice jab and a straight right. Wilcox responds with a nice inside leg kick. Big knee lands to the body for Masvidal bu the eats a nice right hand simultaneously. Wilcox misses with a takedown and Masvidal balsts him with a knee. Wilcox is in big trouble and Masvidal is chasing him down blasting him with everything he's got. Wilcox tries a desperation takedown and Masvidal stuffs it easily and throws a big knee to the body. Huge knee catches Wilcox on the chin and he's wobbly. 20 seconds left and Wilcox wings a huge left hook that just misses. Head kick lands on Wilcox's shoulder at the end of the round. 10-9 Masvidal

Round two: Wilcox presses forward early and wings a big right hand that misses. Masvidal easily avoids a takedown and he lunges in with a knee but it misses and he lands a right hand once he lands. Masvidal throws a left jab and Wilcox comes right back with a body kick. Nice straight hand from Masvidal and Wilcox lands with a head kick. Nice uppercut catches Wilcox on the way in but Wilcox is still coming forwards. Superman punch from Wilcox lands slightly and he shoots in for a single leg but easily gets stuffed again. Masvidal has a huge reach advantage and Wilcox is having some major difficulty finding his range. Wilcox goes low to the body with a punch and he backs Masvidal up with a combination before taking him down. Masvidal somehow slips right back to his feet and then throws that huge knee which just misses. Wilcox turns it on in the final 10 seconds and I'm giving the round to him based on aggression. 10-9 Wilcox

Round three: Wilcox presses forward and Masvidal is forced to to move backwards. Wilcox is really pouring it on early here and Masvidal is on his heels. Nice body shot from Wilcox and Masvidal responds with a leg kick. Wilcox backs Masvidal up and a right hand connects.. Head kick from Masvidal lands but Wilcox lunges forward with a flurry of volume strikes. Masvidal needs to turn it on or he could lose a decision due to lack of aggression. Wilcox continues to aggressively strike and he shoots in for a takedown, putting Masvidal down on his back against the fence. Masvidal is posting up and he pops back to his feet. Wilcox backs off and and both men trade right hands. Head kick from Masvidal is blocked and Wilcox whiffs with a huge left hook. Takedown attempt is stuffed easily and Masvidal fires off a few weak jabs. Wilcox again presses forward with active punches and Masvidal lands a knee and a straight fight. Big knee and a superman punch from Masvidal and he stuffs a takedown. Wilcox shoots in and gets sprawled again and Wilcox throws big strikes until the final horn. 10-9 Wilcox This could go either way as the second round was very close.

Final results: Jorge Masvidal defeats Justin Wilcox via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 30-27)

- end -

Jordan Mein vs. Tyler Stinson (170-pound limit):

Round one: Mein is coming out very aggressively and showcasing some serious confidence in his strikes. now Stinson presses forward and backs Mein off. Stinson throws a huge left and eats a counter from Mein. Big left hand connects for Mein. Mein throws a solid inside leg kick and then a left hand and Stinson is bleeding. Mein's spacing is terrific and Stinson just can't connect on him. Inside leg kick lands for Mein and Stinson misses with a lunging hook. Stinson cannot find his range and his swollen right eye is just going to make it worse. Big 1-2 combination from Mein lands hard and Stinson is briefly hurt but he recovers and fires back. Huge left hand connects for Mein and Stinson fires off a left hand that finally lands and backs Mein off. Beautiful left counter lands for Mein and Stinson wings hooks which just come up short at the horn. 10-9 Mein

Round two: Mein throws a pair of leg kicks early and Stinson still can't fidn his range. Big body shot and a left hook connect for Mein and then another beautiful left. Another right to the body and then a head shot as Mein is mixing it up. Huge three punch combination lands for Mein and Stinson fires back. Stinson is showing huge heart here but he's getting destroyed. Inside leg kick lands for Mein and then an overhand left. Stinson wings a huge bomb and Mein just gets out of the way but Stinson follows it up with a nice straight left. Another lead left for Mein and he throws a big combination, battering Stinson's body and head. Stinson's chin is insane here as he's just eating huge shots and not even getting wobbled. Lead left uppercut connects for Mein and Stinson shoots in and scores a takedown but Mein pops right back to his feet. Mein makes him pay with a huge combination and Stinson lands a nice combo of his own which bloodies Mein's nose slightly. Big left hook lands for Stinson and Mein scores a bullseye with a right jab. 10-9 Mein

Round three: Stinson comes out aggressively but eats a counter and a leg kick from Mein. Now Mein presses forward and lands a nice right jab. Mein lands a looping right hook and Stinson responds with an outside leg kick. Mein has slowed down a bit here in the third round and Stinson if actually starting to land. Just as I say that, Mein batters Stinson with a beautiful pair of combinations. Stinson grazes Mein with a huge left hook but Mein is still just outworking him over and over. Nice combination from Mein and then a jab. Stinson is having to move on his heels even in the final 20 seconds. Big 1-2 for Mein and both men trade big bombs until the final bell. 10-9 Mein

Final results: Jordan Mein defeats Tyler Stinson via unanimous decision (30-27x3)

- end -

Jason High vs. Nate Moore (170-pound limit):

Round one: Fight was not televised. High locked in a guillotine choke in the first 30 seconds and forced a tap.

Final results: Jason High defeats Nate Moore via submission (guillotine choke) at 0:26 of round one

- end -

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