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Video: UFC champ Georges St. Pierre explains his quick exit from the World Series of Poker (WSOP)

"The sport of mixed martial arts, it's similar to poker, in the way that you need to leave your ego and your emotion outside of the Octagon, or outside of the table. I'm good to do it in my sport, but in poker, I had a lot of problems doing it, which is why I lose some very important hands. I had a great time and I want to come back and do it again."

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre was a wild card coming into the World Series of Poker (WSOP) last weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada, and quickly realized that being king of the cage doesn't mean jack-squat once you get in front of the felt. "Rush," who was playing for his anti-bullying charity, was eliminated from the tournament on day one, but promised to come back stronger next time. Will the Canadian card shark have an ace up his sleeve?

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