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Video: Randy Couture still comfortable with his retirement from MMA

Considering the myriad injuries that have plagued the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in recent months, it wouldn't be out of line to think promotion President Dana White has had a thought or two of going back to an old standby and digging Randy Couture up out of his retirement grave.

And considering how rare it is for mixed martial arts (MMA) retirements to stick, it's not crazy to think the 49-year-old would return to the game. It wouldn't even be the first time he's done so.

This time, however, it appears he's gone for good.

"I just don't wear that hat anymore. I still look through those eyes, I still understand all that, and it's still there, but there's no burning desire to get back in there. I don't feel an itch and I don't struggle with the decision I made. I've been pretty comfortable with it."

It's too bad, too. Mauricio Rua vs. Randy Couture on FOX sounds better than Mauricio Rua vs. Brandon Vera on FOX, no?

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