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Hot Asian girl who foams at the mouth turned Charlize Theron into a UFC fan

Photo of Charlize Theron via Open
Photo of Charlize Theron via Open

Damn, I went about this thing all wrong.

While most mixed martial arts (MMA) fans were introduced to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) by an obnoxious buddy or haphazard channel surfing, Hollywood starlet Charlize Theron got her first taste of caged combat thanks to the persistence of a hot Asian girl who foams at the mouth when two fighters throw down.

From her guest spot on Conan O'Brien:

"I'm absolutely obsessed. Yeah, completely and utterly obsessed. I was originally made aware of it and introduced to the world of UFC by one of my best friends, who's like a five-foot seven, really hot and feminine girly-girly Asian girl, who turns into a foam-at-the-mouth monster whenever she watches UFC. She introduced me to it, she came to my house and said oh we should watch it, there's a really great fight on. The whole night was a blur -- except I woke up the next morning with no voice and really excited. I lose my voice, I go that nuts. I get really into it. I think it's such an incredible sport, these guys are incredible athletes. And yet, I wonder at the same time, what it says about me. Sweaty, hot men bleeding all over each other, bashing each other in the face. I can live with that."

I need different friends.

See the Prometheus star continue to talk about the wild and wonderful world of combat sports with the pasty-faced talk show host after the jump.

How about it Maniacs, who "turned you on" to MMA?

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