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Fabricio Werdum vs Mike Russow fight video preview for UFC 147 on June 23 in Brazil

"The heavyweight division is a very tough division. Just one punch, one kick can finish the fight. [It's] very dangerous. He has a strong punch, for sure. Mike Russow have good defense on the ground. If he gives me the opportunity, I will finish him, for sure. I have good motivation for fighting in Brazil. This fight is a big difference for me. My goal is the belt."

Lost in the shuffle of the chaotic UFC 147 main event merry-go-round, exists an intriguing heavyweight battle that pits hometown hero Fabricio Werdum (15-5-1) against Chicago cop Mike Russow (15-1). Both 265-pounders have been quietly amassing impressive winning streaks and could catapult themselves into bigger and better things within the division with a dominating performance when the Octagon heads to the Mineirinho arena in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, for "Silva vs. Franklin 2" on June 23, 2012. Anyone think this one's a lock for "Vai Cavalo?" Or will Russow play spoiler yet again?

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