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Pacquiao vs Bradley results: LIVE round-by-round fight coverage of PPV boxing match on June 9

Manny Pacquiao will defend his WBO welterweight (147 pounds) title against Timothy Bradley this Saturday night LIVE on pay-per-view (PPV) from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Full results and live fight coverage right here!

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Pacquiao vs. Bradley results ... yeah, we got 'em.

Congressman, international icon, and all-around boxing badass Manny Pacquiao will defend his WBO welterweight (147 pounds) title against undefeated pugilist Timothy Bradley this Saturday night (June 9, 2012) LIVE on pay-per-view (PPV) from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"Pac-Man," who returns to the ring for the first time since his narrow defeat over Juan Manuel Marquez last November, is known for his blistering speed and uncanny power. Pacquiao has lost just once since 1999 and avenged that defeat with authority. In the past decade, he's been virtually unstoppable.

Bradley intends to change that.

Ranked number eight "pound-for-pound" by The Ring and considered one of the best American boxers in the game, "Desert Storm" has yet to taste defeat and has owned multiple titles at 140 pounds.

But that's not all.

Three other championship bouts are lined up for the main card. Unbeaten Mike Jones will look to take the currently-vacant IBF welterweight title at the expense of one of the nastiest punchers in the game, Randall Bailey, while Jorge Arce and Guillermo Rigondeaux will defend their super bantamweight titles. will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow fight coverage of this weekend's boxing bonanza, starting with the HBO PPV broadcast at 9:00 ET on June 9.

Results, play-by-play and live fight coverage after the jump.

Welterweight Championship: Timothy Bradley def. Manny Pacquiao by split decision (115-113, 113-115, 115-113)
Welterweight Championship: Randall Bailey def. Mike Jones by KO at 2:52 R11
Featherweight Bout: Jorge Arce and Jesus Rojas go to No Contest (inner ear injury)
Super Bantamweight Championship: Guillermo Rigondeaux (c) def. Teon Kennedy by TKO at 1:11 R5

Jesse Hart def. Manuel Eastman via TKO in round one
Andrew Ruiz def. Taylor Larson via unanimous decision
Mikael Zewski def. Ryan Grimaldo via TKO in round three
Ernie Sanchez def. Wilton Hilario via unanimous decision

147 lbs.: Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley

Round one: Alright, let's do this.

Jabs from both, Bradley with a couple nice body shots as Manny comes in. Manny liking the left straight to the body. Bradley doing good work with his jab. Bradley moves forward and lands well to the body. Manny's big left not connecting. There we go, now it lands, though Bradley seems okay. There's another. A third. Nothing seemed to bother Bradley, but I think he stole the round. 10-9 Pacquiao.

Round two: Bradley looking to counter off the left straight. Nice left from Pacquiao seems to get to Bradley. They tie up and Bradley digs away. Both men land a left. Sneaky jab from Pacquiao. Slower pace in the second half. Bradley bulls forward with punches and lasts a few before a left from Bradley makes him disengage. Bradley with his hands low trying to goad Pacquiao. Nice left from Bradley at the end. Announcers talking up Pacquiao's punches, but aside from that one in the beginning, they didn't seem to get to Bradley. 19-19.

Round three: Nice little combo inside from Bradley. Nice left from Manny. More chiseling work from Bradley inside. Another solid left from Manny. Another. Good exchange. Thudding body blow from Bradley answered by a glancing left. Nice flurry from Bradley answered by another left. BIG coutner from Bradley lands, but Manny smacks him with a left. Crazy exchange in the last few seconds. Great fight. 29-28 Pacquiao.

Round four: Mr. Tim Bradley's trainer, sir? Tim is not "dominating his ass." Doing well, though.

Nice body work from Bradley. Another good left inside; Bradley needs to do more than this. Solid exchange from both, Manny connecting well. Solid right from Pacquiao. Another. They tie up again. Nice lefts inside from Pacquiao. Flurry from Bradley. Nice left to the body from Manny, who explodes on Bradley as the latter approaches. Bradley looks uncomfortable now and manages to tie up. Another big exchange and Bradley even lands a big right hand. Great, great fight. 39-37 Pacquiao.

Round five: Bradley may have hurt his foot in that last round when he stumbled. His coach was telling him not to think about it.

Bradley no longer looks comfortable in there. Pacquiao lands another good left hand. Bradley poking at Manny's guard but landing nothing. Nothing but jabs from Bradley lately. The two trade now. Bradley gets caught with a good left and Manny charges , but gets tied up. Powerful exchange again at the end of the round. Bradley has enormous heart, but he's losing this fight. 49-46 Pacquiao.

Round six: Jabs from Bradley falling short. Manny looking for the big counter left, but settles for a right to the body. Nice right from Manny, who is less active this round but still winning it. Good right by Bradley, but Manny forces him into the corner and unloads. No solid connections. Nice left from Bradley is met by a better one from Manny. Bradley doesn't seem like he wants to be in there anymore. 59-55 Pacquiao.

Round seven: Nice body shot from Bradley. Nice right from Bradley, who takes a left upstairs. Nice combo from Pacquiao. Manny now tearing Bradley apart with combinations, although Tim is still in there. Good body shot from Bradley, but he eats some lefts. Both connect upstairs. No wild exchange at the end this time, but a clear round for Manny. Tim needs something amazing here, and with his limited power, I don't see it happening. 69-64 Pacquiao.

Round eight: Pacquiao walking his foe down, but Bradley lands a couple good hooks. Heads collide; I'm surprised it took this long. More big shots from Manny as Bradley comes in and another big left. Bradley thumps the body but is forced to tie up. Good one-two from Pacquiao. Flurry from Bradley is blocked. More good shots from Pacquiao at the end of the round. 79-73.

Round nine: Bradley lands well moving forward. Nice left from Pacquiao. Bradley wobbled but stays up. His hands are way too low right now. Nasty combination from Pacquiao as the two trade blows. More shots from Pacquiao. Left uppercut lands for Manny, good body shots from Bradley in return. Nice little combo from Bradley lands. Big overhand left for Manny. Bradley had his moments, but still another Pacquiao round. 89-82.

Round ten: Nice left from Manny. Oh, good left by Bradley and a solid body shot afterwards. Good right hand from Manny after a brief lull. Nice jab from Bradley. Good right-left by Bradley. Nice jab and some good work inside. Slow round, but Bradley's best so far. 98-92 Pacquiao.

Round eleven: Some nice punches from Bradley early. Lead left hand from Manny. Bradley doing a lot better this round at staying away from Manny and countering. Good jabs from Bradley. Solid right from Pacquiao and then the straight left. Good right-left from Manny. Nice body blow from Bradley and a few others as Manny comes in. Good round from Bradley, methings. 107-102 Pacquiao.

Round twelve: Good right hand to the body from Bradley, then a left to the same place. Good left from Manny and a solid right hand. Flurry inside from Bradley. Good jab from Bradley. Bradley throwing hard and landing, but just doesn't have the power to hurt Manny. Nice lead left hand from Pacquiao and a one-two. Good work late from Pacquiao, but methinks Bradley won the round but lost the fight. 116-112 Pacquiao.

Final Result: Bradley def. Pacquiao by split decision


147 lbs.: Mike Jones vs. Randall Bailey

Round one: It seems like you can't throw a rock without hitting someone with a "big right hand," but in Bailey's case, it's absolutely true. He's got a Hendo-caliber right straight.

Both men tentative in the early going. Bailey just itching to throw that right hand, but sticking to jabs. First right hand is dodged. Jones looking for the left hook, nothing doing. Clinch. Another left hook attempt. Good right from Jones, who finally lands a solid left. Two rights from Jones connect. Slow round, but Jones seemed to be picking up later. 10-9 same.

Round two: Left hook from Jones, then one to the body. Bailey prodding with the jab and gets caught with a decent left. Jab to the body from Jones. Nice right and left from Jones inside. Left uppercut inside. Nice thumping lefts from Jones. Left hook from Jones. Boring fight, but I'm going to give the round to Jones on account of Bailey not doing squat. 20-18 Jones.

Round three: More action this round; both guys throwing early, Jones landing slightly better. Nice right from Jones. Couple solid shots inside from Jones. Body jab from Jones, who lands a couple hooks. Counter right from Bailey nearly hits home. Right hook from Bailey blocked. Right from Jones late. This fight sucks. 30-27 Jones.

Round four: Jones moving forward with a couple of hooks. Jones hits air. Multiple jabs from Jones. Nice slapping right from Jones, who seems to have Bailey slightly uncomfortable. Nice right from Jones. Poking jabs from Bailey fall short and he nearly catches a right from Bailey. Wild left misses from Jones, as does a straight from Bailey. Nice right from Jones. Right body blow from Bailey. Bailey throws a one-two but gets countered. Throw a damn punch, Bailey. 40-36 Jones.

Round five: Jones trying to just whip quick shots inside and slip away before Bailey can counter. Jim Lampley hates this fight and his whining is far more entertaining than the fight. Bailey wings a pair of big rights but hits air. Hard hooks inside from Jones. Bailey's trainer is absolutely furious with his charge, who moves forward but can't connect. Jones come forward with a left hook and Bailey slips. Reset. Nice flurry from Jones. Blegh. 50-45 Jones.

Round six: They're averaging a combined twelve landed punches a round. This fight sucks. Jab to the body from Jones. Quick flurry from Jones. Poking jabs from Bailey, stiffer one connects. Jones with another solid flurry. Another. Jabs from Bailey, left hook from Jones. Inside combination from Jones glances off. Quick uppercuts from Jones and a counter right connect. 60-54 Jones.

Round seven: Even the announcers are finding it difficult to watch this. Both guys just poking at each other, with Jones occasionally flurrying his way in. Bailey's barely throwing anything and Jones doesn't look like he has anything behind him. Seriously, just go watch Game Seven and come back in about half an hour for Arce. Another boring round of Jones doing slightly less nothing than Bailey. 70-63.

Round eight: Bailey. you're a boxer. Throwing punches is part of your job description. Start hitting the guy who's punching you in the face.

Jones lunging forward occasionally and flurrying. Bailey jabbing with approximately two right hands a round and a dozen wimpy jabs. Stiff jab from Jones and a solid right. Bailey's trainer looks like he's ready to kill Randall. Two nice jabs from Jones. 80-72 same.

Round nine: Bailey's trainer is so mad that he just had his cut man chew Bailey out. THROW. A. PUNCH.

Jones finally lands a solid right and has Bailey wobbly for a second, but he gets his feet under him in short order. Stiff jab from Bailey. Whyyyyyyyyy. 90-81.

Round ten: Jones with a good flurry.

"I don't think Bailey can pull the trigger," says Harold Lederman. The investigative prowess of HBO never ceases to amaze me.

for i = 1:20

fprintf "Jab from Bailey, flurry from Jones\n";


NEVER MIND BAILEY FINALLY THROWS A PUNCH AND FLOOR JONES. He's back up, though. Where the hell was that earlier, Bailey? 98-91 Jones.

Round eleven: Beautiful punch from Bailey, that was. Shame that was the only one. Jones much more tentative, though he does go for his normal flurry. Another solid combination from Jones. Jab from Bailey. Some more. Flurry from Jones. MONSTER UPPERCUT FROM BAILEY! JONES IS GONE! HOLY CRAP, WOW. Jones's nose is just GUSHING blood. What a friggin' punch.

Final Result: Bailey def. Jones via knockout


126 lbs.: Jorge Arce vs. Jesus Rojas

Round one: While this fight was originally scheduled for super bantamweight, both fighters came in at 123.5, making this a featherweight fight. I'm assuming this was in contract.

Rojas clubbing with hooks early, but Arce smacks Rojas in the body and drops him with a left up top twenty seconds in. Rojas back up, Arce thumping him against the ropes. Rojas looking for the right uppercut, which should be his money punch tonight. Hard body blows by both. Rojas moving forwardwith straights and lands some good shots. Both guys throwing hard to the head and body. Rojas starting to take control later in the round and lands a big left hook upstairs. Another good right and uppercut. Thudding right from Rojas, Arce firing back, but he's the slower of the two and eats a big left hook. Great first round. 10-9 Arce.

Round two: Arce gets walloped with a low blow, then headbutted and punched while he's turning away. Arce in pain and pointing to his ear. His inner ear appears messed up; he says he can't get up without falling. Arce does not look like he's going to be get up and he's not. This fight's over; Arce can't stand. No contest.

Final Result: No Contest


122 lbs.: Guillermo Rigondeaux vs. Teon Kennedy

Round one: First fight of the evening. Here we go.

Pawing early from both men. Rigondeaux thumps the body with his left. BIG left from Rigondeaux and another and ANOTHER. Rigondeaux on the attack and FINALLY gets Kennedy to touch the ground with a glove. Teon is up. Nice left to the body from Guillermo. Prodding lefts from Kennedy come short. Rigondeaux surprisingly letting Teon off the hook late in the round. Good head movement, though, and a good uppercut near the end. One-way traffic so far. 10-8 Rigondeaux, who I don't think has taken a punch yet.

Round two: Poking jabs from Kennedy, left to the body from Guillermo. Nice left uppercut from Rigondeaux. Tie-up for a second. Another left to the body from Guillermo, who catches a glancing right from Kennedy. Uppercut again. Big left straight from Guillermo hits flush and puts Kennedy on his butt. He's back up and doesn't look hurt. Another good left stumbles Kennedy and yet another puts him down a third time. He has nothing for Rigondeaux and can't handle his power at all. 20-15 Rigondeaux.

Round three: Kennedy finally lands a jab. Rejoice. Good left from Kennedy now as they exchange. Guillermo has Kennedy on the ropes and lands a handful of blows. Another straight left to the guts from Rigondeaux. Rigondeaux picking his shots this round, but Kennedy is so hesitant he's not getting the opportunity. Good two head shots from Guillermo. Good counter right hook at the end of the round for the Cuban. 30-24 Rigondeaux.

Round four: Rigondeaux has literally landed eight power shots for every one of Kennedy's. Wow.

Kennedu lands a decent left. Nice inside blows from Rigondeaux. Right hook upstairs from Guillermo, near-miss from his left. Fantastic head movement from Guillermo. Nice body blow from Guillermo, who also connects with a glancing right. Another big left hand from Guillermo puts Kennedy down for the fourth time, though the latter gets up. This isn't a fight, this is target practice. 40-32 Rigondeaux.

Round five: Kennedy more aggressive this round, but nothing landing. Left hand lands and stumbles Kennedy and ANOTHER left hand puts him down. That's it; Kennedy is okay, but referee Russell Mora stops it. That was an ass-kicking.

Final Result: Rigondeaux def. Kennedy by TKO


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