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Fuel TV continues to set ratings records in 2012 after UFC deal


While The Ultimate Fighter and recent UFC on Fox ratings may have left something to be desired, the executives at Fuel TV are currently of a completely different mindset.

According to Nelson Media Research, Fuel TV was the fastest growing network in May, no doubt spurred by the record 360 hours of UFC programming which were available to viewers throughout the month.

The high point of May for Fuel was the UFC on Fuel TV 3: Zombie vs. Poirier event which set the record for the most watched Tuesday in Fuel TV history with 217,000 viewers at its peak.

For Fuel TV at least, the UFC experiment has been paying dividends. It's prime time ratings are up 218% in the first five months of 2012 compared to 2011.

We've got the reaction from the Fuel TV executives and more after the jump.

Fuel TV Executive Vice President and General Manager, George Greenberg, couldn't be happier with the results of the UFC experiment thus far for his network.

"UFC events and programming make for compelling television, which is clearly driving viewers to FUEL TV in record numbers, and it's great to see. I have no doubt that FUEL TV will continue to see this type of growth for the rest of the year."

Extensive UFC coverage continues in the month of June, with FUEL TV telecasting the live Weigh-ins, Prelims and Postfight shows for UFC on FX: Johnson vs. McCall Friday, June 8; and UFC on FX Maynard vs. Guida on Friday, June 22. FUEL TV also broadcasts the live Weigh-in and Postfight shows for UFC 147: Silva vs. Franklin II on Saturday, June 23. In addition, FUEL TV premieres "The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil" to U.S. television audiences Sunday, June 10.

So what do you say, Maniacs?

Are the numbers promising at least for Fuel TV, or is this just some clever network spin?

Speak up!

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