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Cesar Gracie: Nick Diaz is only temporarily retired from MMA

Photo of Nick Diaz by Esther Lin via
Photo of Nick Diaz by Esther Lin via

In a shocking development, famed mixed martial arts (MMA) trainer Cesar Gracie has revealed that Nick Diaz has not, in fact, completely retired from the sport.

No, he's only "temporarily" retired.

That's what Gracie told Fight Hub TV in a recent interview, at least, when discussing the future of one of his most prized pupils:

"There's retired and there's retired. One day you have a job and you retire, you're retired. But Nick's too young, he's what, 28 (or) 29, whatever he is. I think the word can be used ... how about temporarily retired? I think that would be a better thing about it, he's temporarily retired."

Even calling it a retirement seems to be a bit of a stretch, seeing as Diaz has admitted he would come back to fight Carlos Condit in a rematch of their UFC 143 meeting that saw "The Natural Born Killer" outpoint the Stockton slugger over five rounds.

According to the judges sitting cageside, of course. You'll find a different opinion depending on whomever you're speaking with at any given moment with that fight, as opinions vary greatly.

Officially, though, it's a loss and one Diaz wants to avenge. But he'll have to wait until at least February of next year to do anything about that because he's also riding the pine thanks to a mandatory year long suspension handed down by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) for his testing positive for marijuana metabolites

Retired. Suspended. Whatever. See ya in another eights months or so.

After the jump, hear more from Gracie on Diaz's hearing in front of the NSAC and the current plans for Nate Diaz, which still include likely waiting for a lightweight title shot.

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