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Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen rematch at UFC 148: 'It's Personal' (Video)

"This isn't business, this is personal."

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has waited six long years for its most talented mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, Anderson Silva, to not just walk the walk, but talk the talk.

It was well worth the wait.

Silva erupted earlier this week during the UFC 148 pre-fight media teleconference (transcription here), unloading more than two years worth of Chael Sonnen-inspired frustration in about 10 epic minutes of no holds-barred trash talk. He vowed to break teeth and bones, lay down such a barbaric beating on July 7, 2012, that it would "change the image of the sport forever."

Those on the call, including UFC President Dana White and Silva's manager/translator, Ed Soares, were all shocked to hear him spit such hateful venom. Sonnen himself could only muster two words, "medium rare," but eventually delivered a more predictable response one day later, branding his Brazilian counterpart a "dirtbag" and trying to downplay the outburst.

No such luck.

The UFC, meanwhile, has posted full audio on, distributed a press release with Silva's bold remarks, pushed them on social media through White and his trusty Twitter, and now cut a fantastic video promo that shows the evolution of the happy-go-lucky champion enduring years of taunts and psychological warfare to finally reach his breaking point.

Perfect timing.

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