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Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen full fight video from UFC 117

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will present UFC 148: "Silva vs. Sonnen 2" from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 7, 2012, in a rematch nearly two years in the making.

That's right, Anderson Silva already defended his 185-pound title against Chael Sonnen once before, at UFC 117 back in August 2010, but the challenger came so close to winning (and the division ran out of viable contenders) that Sonnen gets another crack at the crown next month in "Sin City."

If you missed any or all of their first encounter, no worries, the promotion has released the full fight video to help get you up to speed. At the time, "The Spider" was seemingly invincible, until the most unlikely first round in the history of middleweight title defenses unfolded.

Our own Andrew Mendez with the play-by-play:

Silva comes out and throws a double right that lands. Sonnen with a right of his own, shoots and nothing there. Body kick from Silva. Sonnen rocks Silva with a right!!! Silva buckles and Sonnen is charging forward!!! Another right from Sonnen and Silva is hurt bad!! Sonnen gets a takedown but Silva reverses and now their back to the feet. Sonnen is throwing bombs and is landing at will right now!! Silva is hurt and Sonnen with a takedown and is on top in half guard now. Sonnen with some punches from the top. Silva trying to wall walk. Sonnen now landing some big shots from the side and now has the back of SIlva!!! Wow this is amazing.

Sonnen would eventually succumb to a fifth round triangle choke, but left the Octagon having out-struck the champion 320-64. But was it a rib injury? Or does Sonnen really have the Brazilian's number?

We'll find out next month on pay-per-view.

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