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Despite UFC 147 win, Rich Franklin doesn't remember what happened after savage beating from Wandelei Silva

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Sorry Lars, but sometimes the memory doesn't remain.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) asked its former middleweight champion and longtime company man Rich Franklin to step in on short notice and rematch Wanderlei Silva in the main event of UFC 147 from the Jornalista Felipe Drumond Stadium in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, on June 23, 2012.

Not that he remembers much of the experience.

That's because "Ace" was driven into the canvas head-first after succumbing to the Brazilian blitzkrieg of "The Axe Murderer," in a second-round massacre that nearly stopped the fight and was widely considered to be a 10-8 frame in favor of Silva.

Franklin does his best to recall how it all went down in his post-fight interview, after the jump.

"Honestly, the last thing I remember was it was the second round, and then the next thing I knew, it was the fifth. My corner told me it was the fifth and I said, 'Cool, only one more left.' When that kind of stuff happens, you remember bits and pieces. I was operating on autopilot for a while."

That's probably the kind of post-fight interview that sends a chill down the spines of these people.

Nevertheless, Franklin (29-6) is expected to keep fighting and is hoping for another run at the 185-pound title after floundering in the promotion's light heavyweight division. While it's hard to imagine a third bout against Anderson Silva, the door may once again open if "The Spider" is eventually dethroned.

Time will tell.

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